The End of Silicon Valley as We Know It? by @oreillymedia

Understanding four trends that may shape the future of Silicon Valley is also a road map to some of the biggest technology-enabled opportunities of the next decades: Consumer internet entrepreneurs lack many of the skills needed for the life sciences revolution. Internet regulation is upon us. Climate response is capital intensive, and inherently local. The [...]

Corporate innovation in the entrepreneurial age (a @dealroomco report)

In summary. Nearly everything’s about software (except handbags and champagne) Scale is a commodity. Competition is about entrepreneurship Talent is flocking to startups. And startups are built from anywhere More than ever, corporates would benefit from partnering with startups, and strong ties with entrepreneurial ecosystems Origin: pdf report   The tech boom: tech companies globally [...]

Solving VC’s ESG Puzzle, by @gabekleinman 

The reason VC’s are gaining ESG altitude is simple: institutional investors and family offices are now leaning in. Origen: Solving VC’s ESG Puzzle. Upstream investment strategy remains… | by Gabe Kleinman | May, 2021 | World Positive Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) standards are having a moment with climate change (and climate risk), broad socioeconomic [...]

Diseccionando unicornios: mitos vs. realidades; by @SamuelGil 

Todos sabemos que la valoración no es la única ni quizás la mejor métrica para definir el éxito de una empresa. Pero, ante la ausencia de datos sobre ingresos, beneficios o impacto social, parece un proxy razonable. Samuel resume magníficamente, no te pierdas sus conclusiones, el libro Super Founders: What Data Reveals About Billion-Dollar Startups de [...]

Post-pandemic Technology Trends: What to Watch by @thealeph_report

The ethics of such (AI) systems will most definitely be a hot topic this year. a two-part report summarizing some of the biggest trends during 2020 and the beginning of 2021. For the first part, check the geopolitical trends. Origen: Post-pandemic Technology Trends: What to Watch - The Aleph Report EXCERPTS a brief analysis of [...]

“Mis (7) predicciones para 2021” por @mike_arias

7. Me equivocaré en al menos 3 de estas 7 predicciones. Origen: Mis predicciones para 2021 - Emprender a golpes Junto con la masiva digitalización y el cambio de paradigma del trabajo presencial, llevo unas semanas dando la tabarra sobre la tormenta perfecta de disrupción que se avecina con el IOT, y todas esas cosas [...]

“Betting on Biotech” report by @pitchbook

Cultivating an understanding of the VC investment landscape of US-based biotech & pharma startups. Origin: PitchBook Analyst Note: Betting on Biotech Key takeaways: Over the last few decades, the biotechnology & pharmaceuticals (biotech & pharma) industry has seen a shift from drug development through internal R&D efforts at large-cap public incumbents to an M&A-based model. The drug [...]

Phases Product Teams Go Through, From Product/Market Fit to Hypergrowth (by @nikhyl via @firstround )

The ability to iterate on something until it works is underrated. …a PM who’s taken a product from version two to eight at a smaller startup, vs. someone who’s worked at scale, but only shipped initial versions and then moved on. Origen: The Phases Product Teams Go Through, From Product/Market Fit to Hypergrowth | First [...]

Launching Europe’s “unicorn factory” by @siftedeu

“We are creating possibly the biggest deeptech equity fund in Europe.” Origen: Launching Europe’s “unicorn factory” | Sifted …a €10bn war chest, run by the European Innovation Council (EIC), to back his plans. “The EIC should become Europe’s unicorn factory,” he tells Sifted in an interview. “We are creating possibly the biggest deeptech equity fund [...]

11 Lessons From Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson by @CBInsights Research

–Early revenue growth isn’t always a positive —instead, focus on market fit— –Growth isn’t always worth it Origen: 11 Lessons From Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson - CB Insights Research Product development Keep your vision simple at the beginning Early revenue growth isn’t always a positive — instead, focus on market fit “A hard charging sales [...]

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