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Digital nomad visas by @wef

any non-EU citizen could apply for a special visa to work in Spain as a digital nomad for up to five years. They will need to have lived outside Spain for at least five years to qualify.   Origen: Spain is the latest country to consider digital nomad visas | World Economic Forum   Why [...]

¿Cuándo perdimos la ilusión por la tecnología? por @ShannonVallor en MIT Technology Review

El objetivo del desarrollo de la tecnología de consumo era bastante simple antes: diseñar y construir algo de valor para las personas, dándoles una razón para comprarlo. Origen: ¿Cuándo perdimos la ilusión por la tecnología?, por @ShannonVallor traducido por Ana Milutinovic – MIT Technology Review en español El objetivo del desarrollo de la tecnología de consumo [...]

The Anti-Billionaires by @billionaire magazine

Billionaires are giving it all back. Well, some of them. Origen: The Anti-Billionaires - BILLIONAIRE Magazine | BLLNR.com MacKenzie Scott’s 2019 announcement to give away her entire fortune to charitable causes; in the last three years she has donated some US$12 billion. Chuck Feeney, former billionaire co-founder of retail giant Duty Free Shoppers announced in [...]

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Hype Cycle 2022, ¿qué hay de nuevo? – @resbla

Origen: Hype Cycle 2022, ¿qué hay de nuevo? - @resbla Como cada año, Roberto Espinosa nos resume y repasa la curva "Hype Cycle" de Gartner 2022 (se publica en agosto). Recordad que Roberto ofrece "una presentación muy amena con ejemplos reales sobre las tecnologías que aparecen en este Hype Cycle 2022" no dudes en contactar con [...]

Empathy in Product Management (by @romanpichler)

What is Empathy and What is It Not? Empathy is our capacity to understand other people’s feelings and needs, to take the perspective of another person. Empathy entails a warm-hearted, open, and kind attitude. This does not mean, though, that you must like the other person and that you must be happy and smiley all [...]

Radiografía de la inversión privada en I+D+i + TIC en la Comunitat Valenciana, 2022 por @FundaciónLAB 

Empresas innovadoras con sede en la Comunitat Valenciana y gasto en I+D+i que realizan sobre el total nacional Origen: Informe 2022 - Fundación LAB : Fundación LAB La inversión de I+D+i + TIC sobre la inversión total de la Comunitat Valenciana es del 18,5%, por debajo de la media nacional (19,6%) y de las regiones [...]

The future of remote work, according to 6 experts – Vox (@voxdotcom)

Five years from now, what percentage of the US population will work remotely? Origin: The future of remote work, according to 6 experts - Vox I think that number will never exceed 30 percent fully remote. What percentage will have some remote work? Probably 60 to 65 percent. There are some roles that will never [...]

Is globalisation over? (by @knightfrank)

Back in March I claimed in The Wealth Report that the wealthy were choosing globalisation as an investment strategy. This was evidenced through expanding demand for international property and diversified portfolios as well as by burgeoning demand for global citizenship. Origen: Is globalisation over?   Almost as soon as we published the report the world [...]

How we work

Distributed work is an approach to work, not just 'working from home.' Origen: How we work   Here are some principles of distributed work: ✅  What is distributed work Hiring and working from all over the world instead of from one central location. Flexible working hours over set working hours. The results of work over [...]

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