El metaverso: una nueva palabra para un viejo concepto (en @techreview_es)

"Es mi deseo promover entre las naciones el cultivo de todas aquellas artes fomentadas por la paz y que a su vez contribuyen a mantener la paz en el mundo.”  ~ Reina Victoria   Origen: El metaverso: una nueva palabra para un viejo concepto | MIT Technology Review   …Second Life iba a ser "un [...]

5 tipos de consumidores españoles (by @ThinkGoogleES)

En esta nueva edición de "El consumidor ante la recuperación” hemos analizado el impacto de la pandemia en los consumidores. Hablamos de sus hábitos, su estado emocional y su comportamiento. Origen: 5 tipos de consumidores españoles - Think with Google 1 El consumidor empoderado 23% de los españoles en la actualidad, son los que tienen [...]

Apple  Hypercompetitive vs Anticompetitive(by @stratechery’s @benthompson via @aleks_muse in @AngelList )

…to draw the line between anticompetitive behavior, which is illegal under federal antitrust law, and hypercompetitive behavior, which is not. Origen: Apple, Epic, and the App Store – Stratechery by Ben Thompson   What makes this distinction particularly challenging is that the question as to what is anticompetitive and what is simply good business changes [...]

It’s Product Management; not Software Engineering (by ProductCoalition.com)

Not only are you now responsible for making strategic decisions about what to build and why, but you feel you are forced do so in an alien environment Origen: It’s Product Management; not Software Engineering… - ProductCoalition.com How could I possibly lead product design, when the very products themselves consisted of a complex network of [...]

2019 Global CEO Outlook — Ágil o irrelevante. Redefiniendo la resiliencia.

Se puede acceder en el siguiente enlace al pdf del estudio publicado por @KPMG_ES. Al final están las conclusiones, pero he querido destacar dos gráficos que me llamaron, entre otras cosas, la atención. La verdad es que vivimos tiempos apasionantes, pero complicados. Me llama la atención como los directivos españoles tienen mucha menos confianza que los [...]

Sign in with Apple (@trendwatching’s take)

The must read trend watchers have considered Apple's Sign in with Apple as their June, 6th (2019) "innovation of the day" 😊 Origen: Sign in with Apple: our take This is a monumental update, here’s what it means for you: Convenience without sacrifice. … Apple’s move proves that a seamless UX needn’t force users to choose between [...]

Every company is bound by its capabilities…

…but the best companies re-shape these bounds because they are defined by priorities. Origen: The iPhone is the most successful product of all time (by @asymco) | appletalk:entremaqueros Excerpts on "innovation drivers", taken from Horace Dediu's blog post (about Apple) "The pivot". …no business is good if it is static. What makes a business great [...]

5 online-luxury-fashion trends (by @forbes via @wealthx)

  What Farfetch's IPO Filing Says About The $300 Billion Luxury Fashion Industry – Wealth-X1. By 2025, luxury fashion e-commerce will have a quarter of the industry's market share. Industrywide, online’s share of the personal luxury goods market is expected to rise to 25% by 2025 from about 9% last year as the entire market pie will see [...]

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More than 40 Lessons from 40 Years of Apple Ads

 via @ianfiason from @TheMissionHQ 40 Lessons from 40 Years of Apple Ads – The Mission – MediumWhen you’re introducing something new, keep it simple.Provide social proof from buyers.Ask for feedback and don’t be afraid to launch weird contests.If there is a reputable national or historical figure from history you can tie your product to, do it.Don’t [...]

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