The End of Silicon Valley as We Know It? by @oreillymedia

Understanding four trends that may shape the future of Silicon Valley is also a road map to some of the biggest technology-enabled opportunities of the next decades: Consumer internet entrepreneurs lack many of the skills needed for the life sciences revolution. Internet regulation is upon us. Climate response is capital intensive, and inherently local. The [...]

Corporate innovation in the entrepreneurial age (a @dealroomco report)

In summary. Nearly everything’s about software (except handbags and champagne) Scale is a commodity. Competition is about entrepreneurship Talent is flocking to startups. And startups are built from anywhere More than ever, corporates would benefit from partnering with startups, and strong ties with entrepreneurial ecosystems Origin: pdf report   The tech boom: tech companies globally [...]

The 9 Industries Amazon Could Disrupt Next – @CBInsights Research

Origen: The 9 Industries Amazon Could Disrupt Next - CB Insights Research The 5 industries Amazon will disrupt in the next 5 years Pharmacies: Making drugs a low-margin commodity Small business lending: A direct, data-driven source of financing Fulfillment & delivery: Using the AWS model to create a new business line  Online groceries: Faster delivery [...]

Post-pandemic Technology Trends: What to Watch by @thealeph_report

The ethics of such (AI) systems will most definitely be a hot topic this year. a two-part report summarizing some of the biggest trends during 2020 and the beginning of 2021. For the first part, check the geopolitical trends. Origen: Post-pandemic Technology Trends: What to Watch - The Aleph Report EXCERPTS a brief analysis of [...]

“The End of Digital Health” by @heal_capital

Over the following years we will see as healthcare becomes inseparable from digital health, becoming one and the same. Origen: The End of Digital Health. 2020 ended with a global sigh of relief… | by Heal Capita Medium Patient Journey from A to Z …digitisation of our patient files. This brings about strong patient empowerment, [...]

Disruptive Innovation 2021: 15 big ideas are most likely to change the world (via @GoHubTech)

ARK Invest Big Ideas 2021 annual research report seeks to highlight the latest developments in innovation and offers some of our most provocative research conclusions for the year. Origen: Disruptive Innovation 2021: These 15 big ideas are most likely to change the world | ZDNet ARK Big Ideas 2021 include the following: Deep Learning The [...]

“Mis (7) predicciones para 2021” por @mike_arias

7. Me equivocaré en al menos 3 de estas 7 predicciones. Origen: Mis predicciones para 2021 - Emprender a golpes Junto con la masiva digitalización y el cambio de paradigma del trabajo presencial, llevo unas semanas dando la tabarra sobre la tormenta perfecta de disrupción que se avecina con el IOT, y todas esas cosas [...]

Cómo la tecnología se convirtió en aliada y enemiga del trabajo by @techreview_es

esta transformación no va a afectar a todos por igual. Origen: Cómo la tecnología se convirtió en aliada y enemiga del trabajo – MIT Technology Review en español – la automatización se llevará por delante más empleo en zonas rurales – para hacer una transformación digital inclusiva se necesita aumentar la inversión en infraestructura digital [...]

Estrategia Nacional de Inteligencia Artificial (resumen)

OBJETIVOS DE LA ESTRATEGIA La Estrategia Nacional de Inteligencia Artificial de España tiene siete objetivos estratégicos: Excelencia científica e innovación en Inteligencia Artificial. Situar a España como país comprometido a potenciar la excelencia científica y la innovación en Inteligencia Artificial. Proyección de la lengua española. Liderar a nivel mundial el desarrollo de herramientas, tecnologías y [...]

Metatrends shaping the next decade by @PeterDiamandis

Over the next decade, waves of exponential technological advancements are stacking atop one another, eclipsing decades of breakthroughs in scale and impact. Emerging from these waves are 20 “Metatrends” which include augmented human longevity, the surging smart economy, AI-human collaboration, urbanized cellular agriculture and high-bandwidth brain-computer interfaces... just to name a few. This is where [...]

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