Why People Share: The Psychology Behind “Going Viral” by @nfx

Too often, we miss the forest for the trees — we focus overly on A/B testing, optimizing conversion funnels and landing pages and app designs, while not focusing enough on the psychological and language fundamentals that motivate our users to share our product (or not). Understanding and applying the psychology of why people share is [...]

More than 40 Lessons from 40 Years of Apple Ads

 via @ianfiason from @TheMissionHQ 40 Lessons from 40 Years of Apple Ads – The Mission – MediumWhen you’re introducing something new, keep it simple.Provide social proof from buyers.Ask for feedback and don’t be afraid to launch weird contests.If there is a reputable national or historical figure from history you can tie your product to, do it.Don’t [...]

“La publicidad programática o lo que de verdad importa”

via @sintetiaEs curioso: lo que de verdad importa, el otro, parece importar más en los negocios que en nuestras relaciones personales digitales.Sintetia • La publicidad programática o lo que de verdad importaLa Publicidad programática… Se trata de alcanzar a nuestro target con una precisión máxima no usando audiencias de inventario sino reales y en permanente actualización. ¿Cómo se consigue? [...]

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