Ultra Wealthy Philanthropy 2024 report – @AltrataOfficial

Altrata’s latest report provides a unique and detailed view of wealthy donor activity. It focuses on the world’s ultra high net worth (UHNW) population, people with a net worth of $30m or more. The report provides an overview of the global giving landscape and recent UHNW developments. It explores the upward trend in overall philanthropic [...]

start (it) up

Recupero una página de un viejo blog que ya no mantengo… empezó en 2013 y la actualicé por última vez en 2016. Febrero 2013: Hablando en #MITEDP (el Entrepreneurship Development Program @ MIT-Sloan) con Paul Maeder, co-fundador de Highland Capital Partners, se le preguntó: "aprovechando que hay aquí una nutrida representación de una determinada región y algún [...]

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Secular Outlook 2023 –the end of the peace dividend– by @juliusbaer

One major consequence of the global pandemic has been the transition from a world led by neoliberal principals, which is characterised by fiscal conservatism and falling inflation, to a world of state-sponsored capitalism, where expansive fiscal and monetary policies work together to reduce inequalities, ultimately reflating developed economies. Many of the developments in 2022, including [...]

Avoid these 5 investment blunders during a crisis

Top 5 common blunders that investors may encounter during a crisis. Origen: Avoid these 5 investment blunders during a crisis   Mistake 1:  “Let’s sell for now and wait for the dust to settle.”    The equivalent for cash-rich investors would be “Let’s keep the cash and wait for the dust to settle”. The S&P500 [...]

El ¿alto? salario de los desarrolladores no es una burbuja, solo la realidad (@david_bonilla)

Una interesante primera parte de #labonilista sobre el salario de los programadores. El COVID no ha hecho más que acelerar las cosas, imponiendo a las empresas una digitalización y —sobre todo— una deslocalización a marchas forzadas, pero todo este ruido no debe impedirnos ver la imparable tendencia que hay detrás: cada año hacen falta más programadores y cada [...]

Solving VC’s ESG Puzzle, by @gabekleinman 

The reason VC’s are gaining ESG altitude is simple: institutional investors and family offices are now leaning in. Origen: Solving VC’s ESG Puzzle. Upstream investment strategy remains… | by Gabe Kleinman | May, 2021 | World Positive Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) standards are having a moment with climate change (and climate risk), broad socioeconomic [...]

“Betting on Biotech” report by @pitchbook

Cultivating an understanding of the VC investment landscape of US-based biotech & pharma startups. Origin: PitchBook Analyst Note: Betting on Biotech Key takeaways: Over the last few decades, the biotechnology & pharmaceuticals (biotech & pharma) industry has seen a shift from drug development through internal R&D efforts at large-cap public incumbents to an M&A-based model. The drug [...]

11 Lessons From Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson by @CBInsights Research

–Early revenue growth isn’t always a positive —instead, focus on market fit— –Growth isn’t always worth it Origen: 11 Lessons From Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson - CB Insights Research Product development Keep your vision simple at the beginning Early revenue growth isn’t always a positive — instead, focus on market fit “A hard charging sales [...]

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