Crece el gasto en defensa (armas) ¿qué esperamos de la IA?

Leo con preocupación en Economía•3, cómo  …las tensiones geopolíticas provocaron en 2023 el mayor aumento en el gasto militar global desde 2009, de acuerdo con un informe del Instituto Internacional de Estocolmo para la Investigación de la Paz (Sipri)… Parece que el viejo axioma "si vis pacem, para bellum", sigue vigente. Y yo sigo sin [...]

Prepare your outlook for 2024 (excerpts from Exponential View by Azeem Azhar)

“We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run.” ~ Roy Amara Origen: 🚀 My outlook for 2024 - Exponential View by Azeem Azhar It was roughly a decade ago when the giants of the oil age were surpassed by silicon stars, Apple [...]

4 world wide macro risks from @WEF

2023's top risks 6 months on - according to Chief Risk Officers Origen: 4 macro risks that chief risk officers are focusing on now | World Economic Forum 1. Macroeconomic indicators Inflation is falling, but in many countries, it’s still “stubbornly high” and continues to significantly impact the economic risk landscape… One major consequence is [...]

Jobs AI won’t replace, according to @wef’s report

…one of the human brain’s biggest advantages over AI is the fact that it is attached to a real human body. Indeed, expectations that physical and manual work could be displaced by machines have decreased, and companies surveyed for the report have revised down their estimates for further automation –they think 42% of tasks could [...]

National AI policies & strategies by @OECDinnovation

over 800 AI policy initiatives from 69 countries, territories and the EU. Click on a country/territory, a policy instrument or a group targeted by the policy Origen: OECD’s live repository of AI strategies & policies - OECD.AI OECD.AI (2021), powered by EC/OECD (2021), database of national AI policies, accessed on 8/04/2023,

La tecnología es un medio, no un fin;  por Simón Muñoz (@simonvlc)

La mejor tecnología no crea un producto de éxito. La peor tecnología puede resolver uno. #tech4good #TECH #for #GOOD Origen: La tecnología es un medio, no un fin - by Simón Muñoz Podemos tener el stack tecnológico más avanzado del planeta, que, si no lo utilizamos para resolver un problema que tenga un ser humano, [...]

😂😂 AI ethics buzzwords (by @_KarenHao for @techreview) 

Really funny and ironic insider’s guide to decoding Big Tech's language… Origen: Big Tech’s guide to talking about AI ethics | MIT Technology Review an insider’s guide to decoding Big Tech's language and challenging the assumptions and values baked in: accountability (n) - The act of holding someone else responsible for the consequences when your [...]

Post-pandemic Technology Trends: What to Watch by @thealeph_report

The ethics of such (AI) systems will most definitely be a hot topic this year. a two-part report summarizing some of the biggest trends during 2020 and the beginning of 2021. For the first part, check the geopolitical trends. Origen: Post-pandemic Technology Trends: What to Watch - The Aleph Report EXCERPTS a brief analysis of [...]

“The End of Digital Health” by @heal_capital

Over the following years we will see as healthcare becomes inseparable from digital health, becoming one and the same. Origen: The End of Digital Health. 2020 ended with a global sigh of relief… | by Heal Capita Medium Patient Journey from A to Z …digitisation of our patient files. This brings about strong patient empowerment, [...]

La Inteligencia Artificial en el Sector de la Salud (el enfoque del parlamento europeo)

Conversando con Europa, desde la Oficina del Parlamento Europeo en España, emitió el 22 de enero un encuentro moderado por María Andrés que contó con la presencia de Susana Solís Pérez, eurodiputada del Grupo Renew Europe y miembro de la Comisión Especial sobre Inteligencia Artificial en la Era Digital. El encuentro trató sobre la Inteligencia Artificial en el Sector [...]

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