😂😂 AI ethics buzzwords (by @_KarenHao for @techreview) 

Really funny and ironic insider’s guide to decoding Big Tech's language… Origen: Big Tech’s guide to talking about AI ethics | MIT Technology Review an insider’s guide to decoding Big Tech's language and challenging the assumptions and values baked in: accountability (n) - The act of holding someone else responsible for the consequences when your [...]

A time-traveller from 2025 (by @varun_mathur)

A plausible dystopian future after COVID-19 via tweets. Folow the thread… I am a time-traveller from 2025. I lived through the events of 2020 which ruptured the fabric of society as we knew it then. As humans, we adapted, and survived. Here is what my world looks like now. This is my new normal. A [...]

“La inteligencia artificial es una de las pocas oportunidades que tiene España” (via  @adolfoplasencia )

"Muchas de las narrativas que nos llegan no son sobre las oportunidades, sino sobre los riesgos". Origen: Innovadores | “La inteligencia artificial es una de las pocas oportunidades que tiene España” José Hernández-Orallo carrera académica de informática, doctorado en Lógica y Filosofía en la Universidad de Valencia, investiga en la vanguardia de la inteligencia artificial en [...]

Epicureísmo vs. Estoicismo (by newepicurean.com via sociedad de amigos de Epicuro)

Actitudes problemáticas y posturas vitales empeoradas por el estoicismo y curadas por la filosofía epicúrea Origen: Actitudes problemáticas y posturas vitales empeoradas por el estoicismo y curadas por la filosofía epicúrea | Sociedad de Amigos de Epicuro La lista: …los epicúreos enseñan que el destino no existe y enfatizan el uso pro-activo del “libre albedrío” para [...]

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Disney’s secret sauce

“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things. Because we’re curious. And curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt E. Disney Origen: CB insights newsletter – Disney's secret sauce   Curiosity wins Here’s the winning quote. “Around here, however, [...]

The Sovereign Individual: Mastering the Transition to the Information Age (libro vía @samuelgil )

En su newsletter, suma positiva, nos enlazaba Samuel este hilo (click en el tuit): https://twitter.com/eriktorenberg/status/1188999781617524737?s=20 E indicaba: Un hilo que resume de manera brillante “The Sovereign Individual”, un libro que ha predicho con sorprendente acierto muchos de los desarrollo socioeconómicos y tecnológicos de los últimos años. Según éste, los principales puntos de inflexión en la historia [...]

Empathy-Driven Development by @AndreaGoulet via @FirstRound

Following the interesting Andrea Goulet article about technical debt, First Round brings another surprising and indeed very interesting interview with Andrea Goulet. Origen: Empathy-Driven Development: How Engineers Can Tap into This Critical Skill | First Round Review FIRST, DISPEL THESE EMPATHY MYTHS Myth #1: Empathy is just a feeling. “And it definitely involves feelings. However, that conceptualization [...]

How To Become A Centaur (by @ncasenmare)

 AIs are best at choosing answers. Humans are best at choosing questions.via @mit_jods How To Become A Centaur by Nicky Case…we’ve told ourselves that our relationship between ourselves and our AI is like a chess game: Zero-sum — one player’s win is another player’s loss.…They invited all kinds of contestants — supercomputers, human grandmasters, mixed teams of humans and AIs [...]

Is Resilience the Secret to Being Happy at Work?

 No doubt. Resilience and contentedness…Is Resilience the Secret to Being Happy at Work?There are three main qualities of resilience.Challenge: Resilient individuals view adversity as a challenge and opportunity to learn, not a permanent situation or reflection of their self-worth.Commitment: Those of a resilient mindset have personal and professional goals, and stick with them. They maintain contact with people and participate in [...]

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