The “errors” that mean you’re doing it right

Re-adding features/bugs you removed from the backlo Pivoting a strategy just after creating it Refactoring infrastructure after growing 10x Adding words because messaging was too terse Adding back features you removed Fixing lots of bugs just after a major release Waiting too long to scale support or sales Letting someone go soon after hiring Ignoring [...]

What do open source product teams do? by @opensourceway

the role of product management within the product team Origin: What do open source product teams do? • EXCERPTS: …a subset of tasks that are applicable in open source products: Market problems: Talk to customers and figure out what they need Product roadmap: Determine what features will be added to the product and when [...]

Apple  Hypercompetitive vs Anticompetitive(by @stratechery’s @benthompson via @aleks_muse in @AngelList )

…to draw the line between anticompetitive behavior, which is illegal under federal antitrust law, and hypercompetitive behavior, which is not. Origen: Apple, Epic, and the App Store – Stratechery by Ben Thompson   What makes this distinction particularly challenging is that the question as to what is anticompetitive and what is simply good business changes [...]

How to run your small business with free open source software | CIO

Origen: How to run your small business with free open source software | CIO   Featured software: Open source office productivity suites OpenOffice LibreOffice NeoOffice Calligra Open source finance and accounting applications GnuCash TurboCASH xTuple Open source ERP software systems ADempiere OFBiz Odoo Open source CRM software options SugarCRM Community Edition OpenCRX Fat Free CRM [...]

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Facebook releases Prophet, its free forecasting tools, for Python and R

Facebook has open-sourced its Prophet forecasting tool, designed "to make it easier for experts and non-experts to make high-quality forecasts," according to a blog post by Sean J. Taylor and Ben Letham in the company's research team. "Forecasts are customizable in ways that are intuitive to non-experts," they wrote. The code is available on GitHub [...]

9 Reasons Governments Favor Open Source Software

9 Reasons Governments Favor Open Source Software. Keeping IT Budgets under Control Taking Advantage of Competitive Bidding Benefiting from the Perennially Taking Advantage of Mutualization Ensuring Security and Privacy Ensuring Robustness and Reliability Enhancing Transparency Enabling Easier Public Data Transfers Innovating to Serve Citizens Better

10 best uses for open source software in the business world

Los 10 mejores usos de software open source (código abierto, libre) en el mundo empresarial. En inglés, con enlaces a las aplicaciones para cada una de las utilidades. 1: Server software 2: Development 3: Security 4: Desktops 5: Workflow 6: Collaboration 7: Big data 8: Cloud 9: Multimedia 10: E-commerce

Procesamiento de Lenguaje Natural y software libre para ello

Vía @jorgecortell una interesanteUna interesante entrada en entopix con muchos datos para implementar soluciones de Procesamiento de Lenguaje Natural, Natural Language Processing (NPL). So, why is it possible for such complex software to be free? Researchers at universities are spending decades improving performance of many individual components and publish their results in conference papers. Releasing [...]

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