How to use tools to remotely manage teams, @Siftedeu

Be strategically clustered That makes it easy to meet up for things like onboarding, team getaways or in-person brainstorming. Create a hybrid approach to onboarding If possible, meet your new team members in person, as it helps build personal relationships. Don’t expect people to know how a tool works …your company may use them differently to how [...]

El año de la eficiencia, por Simón Muñoz @simonvlc

Indirect costs compound and it’s easy to underestimate them. Esta frase, deberíamos tatuárnosla en la industria. Las conclusiones/resumen de Simón, son Origen: El año de la eficiencia - by Simón Muñoz Zuckerberg quiere aplanar Meta eliminando capas de gestión: Reconoce que se les ha ido de madre la estructura de la empresa añadiendo demasiadas capas [...]

How we work

Distributed work is an approach to work, not just 'working from home.' Origen: How we work   Here are some principles of distributed work: ✅  What is distributed work Hiring and working from all over the world instead of from one central location. Flexible working hours over set working hours. The results of work over [...]


El SCRUM es un marco de trabajo prácticamente aplicable a cualquier equipo de personas en entornos productivos en los que la demanda del cliente evoluciona rápidamente, centrándose en los equipos de las personas más que en los procesos. LA GESTIÓN DE PROYECTOS ÁGIL NO SE FORMULA SOBRE LA NECESIDAD DE ANTICIPACIÓN, SINO SOBRE LA DE [...]

Projects 5.0 – Changing project management by @McKinsey

Projects 5.0: A cleansheet approach to project delivery The time is ripe for radical change in delivering large capital projects: starting with a clean sheet and rebuilding the project-delivery model from the ground up. Over the past year, we have worked with industry leaders and experts from around the world to reimagine how such a [...]

Product vs. Feature Teams (by @cagan for SVPG Silicon Valley Product Group)

In the tech world, there are really three distinct types of, loosely speaking, “product teams.” Origen: Product vs. Feature Teams | Silicon Valley Product Group …while this article might be painful to read, if you’ve been frustrated with the contradictory and confusing messaging from people in the product world, if you bear with me here, [...]

Phases Product Teams Go Through, From Product/Market Fit to Hypergrowth (by @nikhyl via @firstround )

The ability to iterate on something until it works is underrated. …a PM who’s taken a product from version two to eight at a smaller startup, vs. someone who’s worked at scale, but only shipped initial versions and then moved on. Origen: The Phases Product Teams Go Through, From Product/Market Fit to Hypergrowth | First [...]

Six Reasons Why iOS 13 and Catalina Are So Buggy ( @TidBITS )

Vía uno de los muy sabios integrantes (nro tech) de la lista de correo Lista de Soluciones Planeta Mac, una interesante entrada, en inglés, sobre cómo gestiona Apple sus bugs. Es tan interesante, que me parece que merece más estar en este blog que mantengo sobre cuestiones más profesionales, que en el que mantengo sobre [...]

Disney’s secret sauce

“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things. Because we’re curious. And curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt E. Disney Origen: CB insights newsletter – Disney's secret sauce   Curiosity wins Here’s the winning quote. “Around here, however, [...]

How to Avoid Tool Overload and Apathy | Product Focus

Origen: How to Avoid Tool Overload and Apathy | Product Focus Communications overload Research shows that communication overload is a significant source of productivity loss. In this study by software company RescueTime, their analysis of 50,000 workers showed that, on average, workers checked their emails and messages every 6 minutes, and 40% never managed more [...]

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