💭 The real reason tech companies want regulation – ( by @azeem in @ExponentialView )

The world’s largest tech companies have started to clamour for regulation in this hugely under-regulated sector. Origen: 💭 The real reason tech companies want regulation - Exponential View The tech industry got a speed-up with the Intel 4004 processor, launched in 1972. This was contemporaneous with American right-leaning economists launching a sustained attack on the [...]

The streaming business has a problem on the horizon, and so does the music business. ( @nytimes )

Have we entered into an age of music where artists are afraid to alienate people? Since the country is so polarized, am I afraid to alienate the other audience? Am I afraid to alienate a sponsor from my Instagram? Origen: Jimmy Iovine Knows Music and Tech. Here’s Why He’s Worried. - The New York Times [...]

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