Avoid these 5 investment blunders during a crisis

Top 5 common blunders that investors may encounter during a crisis. Origen: Avoid these 5 investment blunders during a crisis   Mistake 1:  “Let’s sell for now and wait for the dust to settle.”    The equivalent for cash-rich investors would be “Let’s keep the cash and wait for the dust to settle”. The S&P500 [...]

Análisis de la economía valenciana y el sistema valenciano de innovación

A continuación, un extracto de las conclusiones del diagnóstico en el contexto actual del análisis de la economía valenciana y el sistema valenciano de innovación (pdf) para 2021. Los énfasis son míos ;-)   Los sectores que más destacan en la estructura productiva son servicios tradicionales —comercio, transporte y hostelería— industrias de bienes de consumo, como [...]

Projects 5.0 – Changing project management by @McKinsey

Projects 5.0: A cleansheet approach to project delivery The time is ripe for radical change in delivering large capital projects: starting with a clean sheet and rebuilding the project-delivery model from the ground up. Over the past year, we have worked with industry leaders and experts from around the world to reimagine how such a [...]

Apple  Hypercompetitive vs Anticompetitive(by @stratechery’s @benthompson via @aleks_muse in @AngelList )

…to draw the line between anticompetitive behavior, which is illegal under federal antitrust law, and hypercompetitive behavior, which is not. Origen: Apple, Epic, and the App Store – Stratechery by Ben Thompson   What makes this distinction particularly challenging is that the question as to what is anticompetitive and what is simply good business changes [...]

The Global Risks report – 2019 y 2020 (vía @igobernanzaemp )

En septiembre 2019 asistí a un coloquio organizado por el instituto de Gobernanza Empresarial, en la que José María Carulla, Head of Client Advisory Services Iberia de Marsh Risk Consulting nos presentaba un interesantísimo resumen del análisis de riesgos que presentaron en Davos en enero de 2019. De una parte el trabajo y de otra [...]

2019 Global CEO Outlook — Ágil o irrelevante. Redefiniendo la resiliencia.

Se puede acceder en el siguiente enlace al pdf del estudio publicado por @KPMG_ES. Al final están las conclusiones, pero he querido destacar dos gráficos que me llamaron, entre otras cosas, la atención. La verdad es que vivimos tiempos apasionantes, pero complicados. Me llama la atención como los directivos españoles tienen mucha menos confianza que los [...]

The Seven Things A Highly Agile CEO Does: Jeff Bezos

Origen: The Seven Things A Highly Agile CEO Does: Jeff Bezos A customer-first mindset A focus on the road map for the future Continuous creation of new businesses Creating multiple paths to yes Acting as ‘chief slowdown officer’ for big bets A willingness to take risks and acquire new institutional skills Turning institutional skills into [...]

Steps to Exponential Growth in Enterprise Organizations

Adoption and application of AI technologies 18% Pioneers: Understand, adopt, and invest in AI 33% Investigators: Understand AI but have not deployed beyond pilot stages 16% Experimenters: Are piloting AI projects but still learning its relevant applications 34% Passives: No significant understanding or adoption of AI Origen: Steps to Exponential Growth in Enterprise Organizations Six [...]

Every company is bound by its capabilities…

…but the best companies re-shape these bounds because they are defined by priorities. Origen: The iPhone is the most successful product of all time (by @asymco) | appletalk:entremaqueros Excerpts on "innovation drivers", taken from Horace Dediu's blog post (about Apple) "The pivot". …no business is good if it is static. What makes a business great [...]

Your company as a service…

A few weeks ago I was given this Harvard article (in spanish) about servizitation. In case you would like to read something about it in English: Servitization: is a paradigm shift in the business model and service enterprise required?, Servitization, Survival and Productivity or Servitization: Disentangling the impact of service business model innovation on the performance of manufacturing [...]

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