66 Good News Stories You Didn’t Hear About in 2023

A lot of things went right this year. Almost none of them made the news. Origen: 66 Good News Stories You Didn't Hear About in 2023 Global Health 1. A record number of countries eliminated diseases this year 2. Progress in the fight against cancer 3. Malaria vaccines started arriving in Africa 4. New therapies [...]

start (it) up

Recupero una página de un viejo blog que ya no mantengo… empezó en 2013 y la actualicé por última vez en 2016. Febrero 2013: Hablando en #MITEDP (el Entrepreneurship Development Program @ MIT-Sloan) con Paul Maeder, co-fundador de Highland Capital Partners, se le preguntó: "aprovechando que hay aquí una nutrida representación de una determinada región y algún [...]

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The Anti-Billionaires by @billionaire magazine

Billionaires are giving it all back. Well, some of them. Origen: The Anti-Billionaires - BILLIONAIRE Magazine | BLLNR.com MacKenzie Scott’s 2019 announcement to give away her entire fortune to charitable causes; in the last three years she has donated some US$12 billion. Chuck Feeney, former billionaire co-founder of retail giant Duty Free Shoppers announced in [...]

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Covid-19 Philanthropy: Spotlight on Major Giving 2020 by @wealthx 

Key insights from Spotlight on Major Giving in 2020 include: UHNW Covid-19 and social justice philanthropists tend to be younger and more generous in their donations than average major UHNW philanthropists –under 18% of these two groups are over 70, compared with 46% of the latter. This is uncovered by comparing key UHNW philanthropist archetypes, [...]

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What have you got to give? (Caroline Piraud from @juliusbaer)

Good intentions are not enough Caroline Piraud, Philanthropy Advisor Origen: What have you got to give? Your four-T approach to philanthropy   Global trends among wealthy philanthropists include education, health, arts, culture and sport, and the environment.… “You don’t need a lot of money to be a philanthropist, because everyone has something to give. Everyone [...]

Laurene Powell Jobs Is Putting Her Own Dent in the Universe (via @faqmac )

profound learning I took from him was that we don’t have to accept the world that we’re born into as something that is fixed and impermeable Origen: Laurene Powell Jobs Is Putting Her Own Dent in the Universe - The New York Times 35th-richest person in the world, who is funding efforts on immigration, education [...]

Billionaires John and Laura Arnold’s Data-Driven Philanthropy ( @Bloomberg vía @luxury )

…the majority of pledged money sits unspent, as U.S. tax rules make it easy to procrastinate… John and Laura Arnold want to change that… Origen: Billionaires John and Laura Arnold’s Data-Driven Philanthropy - Bloomberg Over the past few decades, the surging wealth of the top 0.1% has spurred many promises of lavish donations. But the [...]

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