Key insights from Spotlight on Major Giving in 2020 include:

  • UHNW Covid-19 and social justice philanthropists tend to be younger and more generous in their donations than average major UHNW philanthropists –under 18% of these two groups are over 70, compared with 46% of the latter. This is uncovered by comparing key UHNW philanthropist archetypes, also highlighted in the report.

Origen: Wealth-X • Covid-19 Philanthropy: Spotlight on Major Giving 2020

  • The global ultra wealthy population accounted for 36% of individual giving in 2019
  • The ultra wealthy have given or pledged over $7.4 billion to Covid-19 and social justice causes
  • Major donors are changing the way they engage with philanthropy
  • The challenges of 2020 underscore the need for organizations to realize the potential of their major giving programs