Corporate innovation in the entrepreneurial age (a @dealroomco report)

In summary. Nearly everything’s about software (except handbags and champagne) Scale is a commodity. Competition is about entrepreneurship Talent is flocking to startups. And startups are built from anywhere More than ever, corporates would benefit from partnering with startups, and strong ties with entrepreneurial ecosystems Origin: pdf report   The tech boom: tech companies globally [...]

“The End of Digital Health” by @heal_capital

Over the following years we will see as healthcare becomes inseparable from digital health, becoming one and the same. Origen: The End of Digital Health. 2020 ended with a global sigh of relief… | by Heal Capita Medium Patient Journey from A to Z …digitisation of our patient files. This brings about strong patient empowerment, [...]

Comentando: El lado oscuro del aumento de dispositivos tecnológicos en las aulas (en @techreview_es )

No te fíes de un artículo que confunde las herramientas digitales de aprendizaje con las herramientas de aprendizaje digital. Las herramientas de aprendizaje digital se definen como "páginas web, aplicaciones, tutoriales online, juegos online y vídeos o programas utilizados para enseñar y apoyar el aprendizaje y el trabajo escolar de los alumnos". Todo eso son [...]

 2020-2030 – Tendencias para la nueva década ( @AEDtweets )

Tecnología, Sociedad, Organizaciones Origen: 2020-2030 Tendencias para la nueva década (I): tecnología - Asociación Española de Directivos Ciberseguridad Robotización Inteligencia artificial Big Data Mobile Internet Regulación   Origen: 2020-2030 Tendencias para la nueva década (II): sociedad - Asociación Española de Directivos El nuevo consumidor Sostenibilidad y medio ambiente Geopolítica Demografía Movilidad y Smart Cities   [...]

How to Avoid Tool Overload and Apathy | Product Focus

Origen: How to Avoid Tool Overload and Apathy | Product Focus Communications overload Research shows that communication overload is a significant source of productivity loss. In this study by software company RescueTime, their analysis of 50,000 workers showed that, on average, workers checked their emails and messages every 6 minutes, and 40% never managed more [...]

4 steps to successful Apple device management in your business (by @itpro via #appletalk_entremaqueros)

Origen: 4 steps to successful Apple device management in your business (by @itpro) | appletalk:entremaqueros   (traducción del artículo) Los dispositivos Apple están ganando popularidad, así que ¿cómo puedes implementarlos y administrarlos en tu organización? A medida que aumenta el número de dispositivos Apple utilizados en entornos empresariales de todo el mundo, muchas organizaciones están [...]

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Why your small business needs a mobile app

…a mobile app and a mobile compatible website serves two very distinct functions. Where a mobile site is integral to your site's overall online presence, SEO and discovery, a mobile app is essential to customer retention, driving sales and encouraging customer loyalty. …Between push notifications and being able to target your app users based on [...]

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Your company as a service…

A few weeks ago I was given this Harvard article (in spanish) about servizitation. In case you would like to read something about it in English: Servitization: is a paradigm shift in the business model and service enterprise required?, Servitization, Survival and Productivity or Servitization: Disentangling the impact of service business model innovation on the performance of manufacturing [...]

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