5 regiones concentran el 87% de la inversión extranjera en España (en @Economia_3 )

Comunidad de Madrid: 17.226 millones de euros País Vasco: 5.516 millones de euros Cataluña: 3.883 millones de euros Comunitat Valenciana: 2.036 millones de euros Andalucía: 1.265 millones de euros Origen: Economía 3 – 5 regiones concentran el 87% de la inversión extranjera en España Por sectores, servicios a la cabeza sector servicios (55,1%) sector industrial (42,2%) construcción(2,5%) sector primario (0,2%) [...]

Read the CIA’s Simple Sabotage Field Manual: A Timeless Guide to Subverting Any Organization with “Purposeful Stupidity” (1944) (via @openculture)

the Field Manual asserts that “purposeful stupidity is contrary to human nature” and requires a particular set of skills. The citizen-saboteur “frequently needs pressure, stimulation or assurance, and information and suggestions regarding feasible methods of simple sabotage.”You can read and download the full document here. To get a sense of just how “timeless”—according to the [...]

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Have a better 2022 with these tech resolutions (by @tanyabasu in@TechReview

I have started with security and DFA, improved no notifications (via focus mode) and reducing newsletters and getting back to RSS Origen: Have a better 2022 with these tech resolutions | MIT Technology Review Get multifactor authentication already.  Rethink two-day shipping.  Take that next meeting over the phone.  Embrace the infinite inbox.  Be critical about the [...]

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Keeping it in the family: 9 things to know about generational perspectives in family enterprise

It’s often assumed that generations clash. This is particularly crucial for family businesses, where the transfer of knowledge and power between generations is essential for long-term business success. However, as the new Family Enterprise Global Survey on Generational Perspectives reveals, gaps between older and younger generations are not as wide as previously thought. Origen: Julius [...]

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Una traducción automática (apple translator) de un par de artículos que he estado compartiendo porque son uno de mis temas recurrentes… https://www.exponentialview.co/p/ev-317 Aquí hay dragones 🧬 Los avances en aprendizaje automático e IA están alimentando una era de descubrimiento en biología, farmacia y medicina. La importancia de esto es que por primera vez estamos viendo [...]

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