Control, or Be Controlled: Sales Forecasting Done Right – Andreessen Horowitz

"Don’t trust your forecast roll up to spreadsheets and CRM tools alone!" …some of the archetypes behind common forecasting errors at all levels of a sales organization: Rose-colored Glasses Glen is too optimistic about every opportunity he sees in his pipeline. Hard of Hearing Harry’s ears are too full of wax to hear that his prospect [...]

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Top 12+1 B2B Sales Tools You’ll Need for 2015

Vía Open View Labs las más útiles herramientas de apoyo a la venta B2B de algunos de los más expertos en la materia… The most useful sales tools following some sales experts advice, Top 12 B2B Sales Tools You’ll Need for 2015 Favorite tool: LinkedIn Sales Navigator Favorite tool: Decisionlink Favorite tool: Accompani Favorite tool: LinkedIn Publishing [...]

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