Orden de ENISA sobre Criterios de evaluación del carácter del emprendimiento innovador (via news.pcuv.es)

En su newsletter, el Parque Científico de la Universidad de Valencia informaba de la reciente publicación de la "Orden PCM/825/2023, de 20 de julio, por la que se regulan los criterios y el procedimiento de certificación de empresas emergentes que dan acceso a los beneficios y especialidades reconocidas en la Ley 28/2022, de 21 de [...]

Solving VC’s ESG Puzzle, by @gabekleinman 

The reason VC’s are gaining ESG altitude is simple: institutional investors and family offices are now leaning in. Origen: Solving VC’s ESG Puzzle. Upstream investment strategy remains… | by Gabe Kleinman | May, 2021 | World Positive Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) standards are having a moment with climate change (and climate risk), broad socioeconomic [...]

Diseccionando unicornios: mitos vs. realidades; by @SamuelGil 

Todos sabemos que la valoración no es la única ni quizás la mejor métrica para definir el éxito de una empresa. Pero, ante la ausencia de datos sobre ingresos, beneficios o impacto social, parece un proxy razonable. Samuel resume magníficamente, no te pierdas sus conclusiones, el libro Super Founders: What Data Reveals About Billion-Dollar Startups de [...]

Chief of staff (role) by @siftedeu

…or chief of stuff. someone to come in and fix things Creating new names is something startups and innovators do often. Chief of staff is: the only role other than the COO that’s really cross-functional an enabler for the CEO “helicoptering” into whatever needs to be done and helping to solve problems  —that don’t necessarily [...]

“Betting on Biotech” report by @pitchbook

Cultivating an understanding of the VC investment landscape of US-based biotech & pharma startups. Origin: PitchBook Analyst Note: Betting on Biotech Key takeaways: Over the last few decades, the biotechnology & pharmaceuticals (biotech & pharma) industry has seen a shift from drug development through internal R&D efforts at large-cap public incumbents to an M&A-based model. The drug [...]

Phases Product Teams Go Through, From Product/Market Fit to Hypergrowth (by @nikhyl via @firstround )

The ability to iterate on something until it works is underrated. …a PM who’s taken a product from version two to eight at a smaller startup, vs. someone who’s worked at scale, but only shipped initial versions and then moved on. Origen: The Phases Product Teams Go Through, From Product/Market Fit to Hypergrowth | First [...]

11 Lessons From Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson by @CBInsights Research

–Early revenue growth isn’t always a positive —instead, focus on market fit— –Growth isn’t always worth it Origen: 11 Lessons From Venture Capitalist Fred Wilson - CB Insights Research Product development Keep your vision simple at the beginning Early revenue growth isn’t always a positive — instead, focus on market fit “A hard charging sales [...]

How to build a Startup ecosystem

vía @trustedinsight @Forbes - How To Build A Startup Ecosystem Startup ecosystems are popping up all across the country and the world, with varying levels of success.  I wanted to talk about the mix of ingredients that are needed to make a startup ecosystem thrive over time.  So, leaders in your local communities can have [...]

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