Informe Ecosistema Startup e Innovador de El Referente, visto por Economía 3

Un muy buen resumen de un gran informe. Origen: Las tech en crecimiento: 100.000 empleos y 11.541 M€ de ventas   El ecosistema emprendedor español más de 7.028 compañías tecnológicas activas, 3.640 son start-ups (menos de  cinco años de actividad) 1.185 son scaleups (facturan más de un millón de euros) el resto PYMES han vendido [...]

Prepare your outlook for 2024 (excerpts from Exponential View by Azeem Azhar)

“We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run.” ~ Roy Amara Origen: 🚀 My outlook for 2024 - Exponential View by Azeem Azhar It was roughly a decade ago when the giants of the oil age were surpassed by silicon stars, Apple [...]

Corporate innovation in the entrepreneurial age (a @dealroomco report)

In summary. Nearly everything’s about software (except handbags and champagne) Scale is a commodity. Competition is about entrepreneurship Talent is flocking to startups. And startups are built from anywhere More than ever, corporates would benefit from partnering with startups, and strong ties with entrepreneurial ecosystems Origin: pdf report   The tech boom: tech companies globally [...]

Launching Europe’s “unicorn factory” by @siftedeu

“We are creating possibly the biggest deeptech equity fund in Europe.” Origen: Launching Europe’s “unicorn factory” | Sifted …a €10bn war chest, run by the European Innovation Council (EIC), to back his plans. “The EIC should become Europe’s unicorn factory,” he tells Sifted in an interview. “We are creating possibly the biggest deeptech equity fund [...]

The How-to Guide for Corporate Venturing (by IESE)

Origen: IESE Insight The How-to Guide for Corporate Venturing At BMW's Startup Garage, the century-old, illustrious company has become a client of entrepreneurs who bring products, services and/or technologies not yet ready for the road. Essentially, the Startup Garage is a venturing program for those hoping to ultimately become BMW suppliers. Here startups offer BMW [...]

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