Polarización, la nueva droga – Ethic : Ethic

El verbo «discutir» proviene del latín, y etimológicamente significa resolver. Como posible vía de resolución de conflictos, la discusión es una parte relevante de la dialéctica y la retórica, consideradas desde la Grecia clásica como el arte de persuadir a los contrarios. La argumentación y las pasiones han ido de la mano desde tiempos de [...]

Why People Share: The Psychology Behind “Going Viral” by @nfx

Too often, we miss the forest for the trees — we focus overly on A/B testing, optimizing conversion funnels and landing pages and app designs, while not focusing enough on the psychological and language fundamentals that motivate our users to share our product (or not). Understanding and applying the psychology of why people share is [...]

“El uso del humor en el ámbito profesional eleva la percepción de estatus y confianza” (by @sergiodlacalle9 en @sintetia )

Si te ríes de una cosa, esa cosa pierde poder…pero si te ríes de alguien, el que pierde poder eres tú. Origen: Sergio de la Calle: «El uso del humor en el ámbito profesional eleva la percepción de estatus y confianza» – Sintetia "Lamentablemente muchos han confundido la seriedad con la profesionalidad."   La risa [...]

¿Inteligencias? ¡Las necesitamos todas! (por @javicreus en @idees_cat)

Arquitectura vegetal, criterio humano, potencia artificial. Origen: ¿Inteligencias? ¡Las necesitamos todas! – Idees El ciclo de desarrollo basado en los combustibles fósiles se agota. Hemos desenterrado reservas que tardaron decenas de millones de años en formarse y las hemos proyectado en forma de plásticos y gases a los confines de la Tierra y a la [...]

Laurene Powell Jobs Is Putting Her Own Dent in the Universe (via @faqmac )

profound learning I took from him was that we don’t have to accept the world that we’re born into as something that is fixed and impermeable Origen: Laurene Powell Jobs Is Putting Her Own Dent in the Universe - The New York Times 35th-richest person in the world, who is funding efforts on immigration, education [...]

99 Good News Stories You Probably Didn’t Hear About in 2019 (Future Crunch #90 & @angushervey)

If we want to change the story of the human race in the 21st century, we have to change the stories we tell ourselves.  Origen: 99 Good News Stories You Probably Didn't Hear About in 2019 …we hope you don’t ever get to the end of one of our newsletters and feel complacent. This has [...]

Disney’s secret sauce

“Around here, however, we don’t look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things. Because we’re curious. And curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt E. Disney Origen: CB insights newsletter – Disney's secret sauce   Curiosity wins Here’s the winning quote. “Around here, however, [...]

Amateurs vs. Professionals (also via @samuelgil )

Origen: Farnam Street blog – The Difference Between Amateurs and Professionals Why is it that some people seem to be hugely successful and do so much, while the vast majority of us struggle to tread water? The answer is complicated and likely multifaceted. One aspect is mindset—specifically, the difference between amateurs and professionals. Most of us [...]

Why Your Gmail Inbox Should Be Your To-Do List (by @zapier)

I've tested lots of to-do apps over the years, but nothing has outperformed my inbox. Origen: Why Your Gmail Inbox Should Be Your To-Do List Why Your Email Inbox Makes a Great To-Do List Create labels to sort your to-do items into the right categories How to create labels and sublabels in Gmail Create filters [...]

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