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Origen: Key Tech Innovations of 1923


David Kyvig writes in his book Daily life in the United States, 1920-1940,

“The nature of work, particularly in the industrial sector, was dramatically affected by electricity. As late as 1905 less than 10 percent of all motive power nationally was electrical, but thereafter usage grew so rapidly that by 1930 the figure reached 80 percent.

Kyvig goes on to explain how electrification brought benefits to everyday life beyond work:

“One of the less apparent but most profound consequences of domestic electric lighting was the encouragement of reading at home. Increased reading broadened knowledge, stirred new interests, and created a more sophisticated society, especially away from centers of culture, which in turn increased demand for electricity. Persons who had trouble reading by dim fire or candlelight, and especially young children who could not be left alone to regulate gaslights, could easily and safely read by electric light. Partly for this reason, the Muncie, Indiana, public library loaned out eight times as many books per inhabitant in 1925 as it had in 1890. The cartoon symbol of a light bulb being switched on over someone’s head as they achieved new insight was firmly grounded in reality.”



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