Solving VC’s ESG Puzzle, by @gabekleinman 

The reason VC’s are gaining ESG altitude is simple: institutional investors and family offices are now leaning in. Origen: Solving VC’s ESG Puzzle. Upstream investment strategy remains… | by Gabe Kleinman | May, 2021 | World Positive Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) standards are having a moment with climate change (and climate risk), broad socioeconomic [...]

Apple  Hypercompetitive vs Anticompetitive(by @stratechery’s @benthompson via @aleks_muse in @AngelList )

…to draw the line between anticompetitive behavior, which is illegal under federal antitrust law, and hypercompetitive behavior, which is not. Origen: Apple, Epic, and the App Store – Stratechery by Ben Thompson   What makes this distinction particularly challenging is that the question as to what is anticompetitive and what is simply good business changes [...]

“Betting on Biotech” report by @pitchbook

Cultivating an understanding of the VC investment landscape of US-based biotech & pharma startups. Origin: PitchBook Analyst Note: Betting on Biotech Key takeaways: Over the last few decades, the biotechnology & pharmaceuticals (biotech & pharma) industry has seen a shift from drug development through internal R&D efforts at large-cap public incumbents to an M&A-based model. The drug [...]

El CEO de BlackRock predice una rápida recuperación económica y Roubini no lo tiene tan claro (as usual)

Todavía no hemos resuelto la crisis del CoVID-19 en el mundo y ya estamos pensando en la recuperación de la crisis económica que ha provocado. Esa es la actitud. O tal vez no… Origen: El CEO de BlackRock predice que "la economía se recuperará rápidamente" | Expansion Origen: 🦠 What Dr Doom told me about the [...]

World Ultra Wealth Report 2019 (by @wealthx)

…the combined net worth of the UHNW population saw a decrease… (but) forecasts robust growth for the UHNW population, with a projected population increase to 353,550 individuals possessing a total combined wealth of $43 trillion by 2023 Origen: Ultra-Wealthy Population Analysis: World Ultra Wealth Report 2019   UHNW wealth slumps for the first time in [...]

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£1 million in new investments, the exciting business of arts & culture –  by @artsculturefin via @Nesta_UK

Nearly £1 million invested across 5 innovative organisations by Arts & Culture Finance latest investment round. Origen: £1 million in new investments - the exciting business of arts & culture | Nesta two insights come to mind: We tend to think of arts & culture in, well, arts & culture terms. We seldom stop to [...]

The Invention of Money – @NewYorker

worth read article on this interesting system we all live into, built upon trial and error. …the man who almost bankrupted a country and the supreme advocate of bankers’ bailouts would be amused to see just how little we have learned… Origen: The Invention of Money | The New Yorker How did these once wild [...]

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