How to use tools to remotely manage teams, @Siftedeu

Be strategically clustered That makes it easy to meet up for things like onboarding, team getaways or in-person brainstorming. Create a hybrid approach to onboarding If possible, meet your new team members in person, as it helps build personal relationships. Don’t expect people to know how a tool works …your company may use them differently to how [...]

La tecnología es un medio, no un fin;  por Simón Muñoz (@simonvlc)

La mejor tecnología no crea un producto de éxito. La peor tecnología puede resolver uno. #tech4good #TECH #for #GOOD Origen: La tecnología es un medio, no un fin - by Simón Muñoz Podemos tener el stack tecnológico más avanzado del planeta, que, si no lo utilizamos para resolver un problema que tenga un ser humano, [...]

Empathy in Product Management (by @romanpichler)

What is Empathy and What is It Not? Empathy is our capacity to understand other people’s feelings and needs, to take the perspective of another person. Empathy entails a warm-hearted, open, and kind attitude. This does not mean, though, that you must like the other person and that you must be happy and smiley all [...]

How we work

Distributed work is an approach to work, not just 'working from home.' Origen: How we work   Here are some principles of distributed work: ✅  What is distributed work Hiring and working from all over the world instead of from one central location. Flexible working hours over set working hours. The results of work over [...]

Chief of staff (role) by @siftedeu

…or chief of stuff. someone to come in and fix things Creating new names is something startups and innovators do often. Chief of staff is: the only role other than the COO that’s really cross-functional an enabler for the CEO “helicoptering” into whatever needs to be done and helping to solve problems  —that don’t necessarily [...]

How do you Build a Qualitative Data Lake? (@rozemaryking via @MindtheProduct )

A process for collecting the valuable qualitative data from my organization’s functional teams, enabling us to regularly synthesize and prioritize insights, folding the top opportunities into the product roadmap, and eventually the backlog. Origen: How do you Build a Qualitative Data Lake? - Mind the Product Data Lake Process in 3 Simple Steps: Functional teams [...]

Product vs. Feature Teams (by @cagan for SVPG Silicon Valley Product Group)

In the tech world, there are really three distinct types of, loosely speaking, “product teams.” Origen: Product vs. Feature Teams | Silicon Valley Product Group …while this article might be painful to read, if you’ve been frustrated with the contradictory and confusing messaging from people in the product world, if you bear with me here, [...]

What product managers do

Everyone has their view of what the perfect product manager should be doing –it’s helping them do their job! In truth, Product Management should be greasing the wheels of all business functions because they put the product's holistic success at the centre of what they do. Origin: Stream 121 product management – How everyone else views [...]

How to Avoid Tool Overload and Apathy | Product Focus

Origen: How to Avoid Tool Overload and Apathy | Product Focus Communications overload Research shows that communication overload is a significant source of productivity loss. In this study by software company RescueTime, their analysis of 50,000 workers showed that, on average, workers checked their emails and messages every 6 minutes, and 40% never managed more [...]

It’s Product Management; not Software Engineering (by

Not only are you now responsible for making strategic decisions about what to build and why, but you feel you are forced do so in an alien environment Origen: It’s Product Management; not Software Engineering… - How could I possibly lead product design, when the very products themselves consisted of a complex network of [...]

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