The End of Silicon Valley as We Know It? by @oreillymedia

Understanding four trends that may shape the future of Silicon Valley is also a road map to some of the biggest technology-enabled opportunities of the next decades: Consumer internet entrepreneurs lack many of the skills needed for the life sciences revolution. Internet regulation is upon us. Climate response is capital intensive, and inherently local. The [...]

Análisis de la economía valenciana y el sistema valenciano de innovación

A continuación, un extracto de las conclusiones del diagnóstico en el contexto actual del análisis de la economía valenciana y el sistema valenciano de innovación (pdf) para 2021. Los énfasis son míos ;-)   Los sectores que más destacan en la estructura productiva son servicios tradicionales —comercio, transporte y hostelería— industrias de bienes de consumo, como [...]

Diseccionando unicornios: mitos vs. realidades; by @SamuelGil 

Todos sabemos que la valoración no es la única ni quizás la mejor métrica para definir el éxito de una empresa. Pero, ante la ausencia de datos sobre ingresos, beneficios o impacto social, parece un proxy razonable. Samuel resume magníficamente, no te pierdas sus conclusiones, el libro Super Founders: What Data Reveals About Billion-Dollar Startups de [...]

Lecciones aprehendidas: El brillo en los ojos (por @gmfdsr) para la #bonilista

"si no hay resultados, no hay valores, no hay misión, no hay visión" Origen: La Bonilista de @david_bonilla - Lecciones aprehendidas: El brillo en los ojos Por edad yo siempre he sido empresario más que emprendedor. Si que es cierto que desde 2011 soy lo más parecido a un emprendedor, pero, como decía José Luis, [...]

The Global Risks report 2021 (por @MarshGlobal)

El @IGobernanzaEmp (instituto de gobernanza empresarial) nos ha invitado a la presentación del informe global de riesgos 2021 de Marsh. Para que no me pase como en otras ocasiones, comparto "ya" las diapositivas de la presentación de esta mañana  que, como en años anteriores, nos ha ofrecido maravillosamente bien José María Carulla –Head of Client Advisory Services Iberia– [...]

Why People Share: The Psychology Behind “Going Viral” by @nfx

Too often, we miss the forest for the trees — we focus overly on A/B testing, optimizing conversion funnels and landing pages and app designs, while not focusing enough on the psychological and language fundamentals that motivate our users to share our product (or not). Understanding and applying the psychology of why people share is [...]

What do open source product teams do? by @opensourceway

the role of product management within the product team Origin: What do open source product teams do? • EXCERPTS: …a subset of tasks that are applicable in open source products: Market problems: Talk to customers and figure out what they need Product roadmap: Determine what features will be added to the product and when [...]

Chief of staff (role) by @siftedeu

…or chief of stuff. someone to come in and fix things Creating new names is something startups and innovators do often. Chief of staff is: the only role other than the COO that’s really cross-functional an enabler for the CEO “helicoptering” into whatever needs to be done and helping to solve problems  —that don’t necessarily [...]

Projects 5.0 – Changing project management by @McKinsey

Projects 5.0: A cleansheet approach to project delivery The time is ripe for radical change in delivering large capital projects: starting with a clean sheet and rebuilding the project-delivery model from the ground up. Over the past year, we have worked with industry leaders and experts from around the world to reimagine how such a [...]

UX Research as a Viable Career Option for Anthropologists (by Paige Nuzzolillo)

…being aware of how to ask semi-structured and open-ended questions, making as few assumptions as consciously possible, understanding my own subjectivity… Origen: UX Research as a Viable Career Option for Anthropologists: Insights from 12 UX Researchers with Anthropology Backgrounds | by Paige Nuzzolillo | Oct, 2020 | Medium Synthesis and Storytelling Skills UX Researchers are [...]

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