Origen: Davos 2023: 6 expertos ofrecen predicciones sobre áreas clave para el futuro | Foro Económico Mundial


Jim Leape

  • “Blue Carbon” capture & storage
  • Global treaties for ecosystem protection
  • Ocean data spurring innovation
  • Leveraging blue foods



Magdalena Skipper

  • Opportunities for loss and damage finance
  • Ethics of AI driven solutions
  • Focus on cross-SDG solutions
  • Diplomacy in a divided world



Johan Rockström

  • A global poly-crisis
  • A supply crisis not a demand crisis
  • The blueprint for climate transformation
  • Climate & security
  • Setting science based targets
  • The limits of adaptation



Oleksandra Matviichuk

  • Fighting authoritarianism
  • Making human rights meaningful again
  • Promoting global solidarity
  • Ensuring justice for victims
  • Reforming the international system



Amy Webb

  • The quantum computing leap
  • The bioengineering disruption
  • The rise of generative AI
  • Managing medical misinformation
  • Trust in financial systems, old and new
  • Impact of fusion in geopolitics



Azeem Azhar

  • Expensive money
  • Investing in democratic legitimacy
  • Rivals with benefits
  • Kindling deeptech’s promethean fire
  • Keeping the current flowing
  • Old government, new tricks
  • AI as unreliable infrastructure