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New projects “fortuna audentes iuvat” – What I thought about, even briefly, on 2021 weeks 12-13

Good vibes, it looks like we have a new work space Spaces seem bigger in real state pictures… …but views look much more real Slack as an IM app You can now message any other slack user, even not having common spaces. Is Github getting a messaging platform? Microsoft may want buying Discord. Different communications [...]

2021-04-10T22:31:02+02:00April 10th, 2021|newsletter|

2021 w #11-12

Thinking about the economic cycles of industrial and technological revolutions It’s taken for granted that the cycle is as it is, what if it stops being so? If we anticipate the initial inequality derived from the beginning of a revolution, we will not avoid the revolution but we will avoid its initial effects of increasing [...]

2021-04-10T22:30:13+02:00April 10th, 2021|newsletter|

Lecciones aprehendidas: El brillo en los ojos (por @gmfdsr) para la #bonilista

"si no hay resultados, no hay valores, no hay misión, no hay visión" Origen: La Bonilista de @david_bonilla - Lecciones aprehendidas: El brillo en los ojos Por edad yo siempre he sido empresario más que emprendedor. Si que es cierto que desde 2011 soy lo más parecido a un emprendedor, pero, como decía José Luis, [...]

The Global Risks report 2021 (por @MarshGlobal)

El @IGobernanzaEmp (instituto de gobernanza empresarial) nos ha invitado a la presentación del informe global de riesgos 2021 de Marsh. Para que no me pase como en otras ocasiones, comparto "ya" las diapositivas de la presentación de esta mañana  que, como en años anteriores, nos ha ofrecido maravillosamente bien José María Carulla –Head of Client Advisory Services Iberia– [...]

Why People Share: The Psychology Behind “Going Viral” by @nfx

Too often, we miss the forest for the trees — we focus overly on A/B testing, optimizing conversion funnels and landing pages and app designs, while not focusing enough on the psychological and language fundamentals that motivate our users to share our product (or not). Understanding and applying the psychology of why people share is [...]

Post-pandemic Technology Trends: What to Watch by @thealeph_report

The ethics of such (AI) systems will most definitely be a hot topic this year. a two-part report summarizing some of the biggest trends during 2020 and the beginning of 2021. For the first part, check the geopolitical trends. Origen: Post-pandemic Technology Trends: What to Watch - The Aleph Report EXCERPTS a brief analysis of [...]

What do open source product teams do? by @opensourceway

the role of product management within the product team Origin: What do open source product teams do? • Opensource.com EXCERPTS: …a subset of tasks that are applicable in open source products: Market problems: Talk to customers and figure out what they need Product roadmap: Determine what features will be added to the product and when [...]

¿Qué deben tener en cuenta los directivos en 2021 según el World Economic Forum? por @AED_es

…la 51ª edición del Foro de Davos, bajo el lema de El Gran Reinicio (The Great Reset) … la crisis provocada por la Covid-19 va a acelerar las desigualdades económicas, la posición de dominio de las grandes tecnológicas y el trabajo a distancia. Origen: ¿Qué deben tener en cuenta los directivos en 2021 según el World Economic [...]

“The End of Digital Health” by @heal_capital

Over the following years we will see as healthcare becomes inseparable from digital health, becoming one and the same. Origen: The End of Digital Health. 2020 ended with a global sigh of relief… | by Heal Capita Medium Patient Journey from A to Z …digitisation of our patient files. This brings about strong patient empowerment, [...]

Disruptive Innovation 2021: 15 big ideas are most likely to change the world (via @GoHubTech)

ARK Invest Big Ideas 2021 annual research report seeks to highlight the latest developments in innovation and offers some of our most provocative research conclusions for the year. Origen: Disruptive Innovation 2021: These 15 big ideas are most likely to change the world | ZDNet ARK Big Ideas 2021 include the following: Deep Learning The [...]

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