How to build a Startup ecosystem

vía @trustedinsight @Forbes - How To Build A Startup Ecosystem Startup ecosystems are popping up all across the country and the world, with varying levels of success.  I wanted to talk about the mix of ingredients that are needed to make a startup ecosystem thrive over time.  So, leaders in your local communities can have [...]

2017’s 30 best web apps and software trends that ruled the workplace

Origen: Best of 2017: 30 Web Apps and Software Trends That Ruled the Workplace Y de regalo Software Trends Report: What We Learned from 1,000 SaaS Apps   Zapier connects over 900 web apps so you can automate tasks and create workflows between your favorite tools. Instead of copying and pasting data, you can automatically send information [...]

Best Free Project Management Apps

Reviewing: Fully Free Project Management Apps Trello MeisterTask KanbanFlow Freedcamp Allthings Bitrix24 Producteev Avaza Free Project Management Apps for Small Teams Asana Wrike Podio Redbooth Free Project Management Apps for a Single Project Teamwork Projects Basecamp Zoho Projects Projectplace Pivotal Tracker Run a Project Management App on Your Own Servers Taiga Lavagna Redmine Odoo   [...]

How project managers can master transformational change | CIO

How project managers can master transformational change | CIO. Breaking down the three levels of change management Individual change management is the most basic level where changes can have a detrimental impact on each individual within an organization first. When projects create change, some individuals adapt quickly and remain flexible while others may react with [...]

Four fundamentals of workplace automation

The bottom line is that 45 percent of work activities could be automated using already demonstrated technology. Four fundamentals of workplace automation | McKinsey & Company. Our research is ongoing, and in 2016, we will release a detailed report. What follows here are four interim findings elaborating on the core insight that the road ahead [...]

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De “sintetia”: Soy consultor, ¡con perdón! Y mi futuro está cambiando radicalmente

¿Qué aporta un consultor a tu empresa? Los servicios de asesoramiento son tan antiguos como la historia. Desde los ancianos que asesoraban a los jefes de las tribus a los consejeros de reyes y príncipes, han asesorado a sus “clientes” sobre las mejores decisiones para el bien de su “empresa” o “país”. Los que nos [...]

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internet: 3ª “oleada”

Vía @FundacionJME Steve Case: Get ready, the Internet is about to change again. Here’s how. Third wave The third wave of the Internet is about to break. The opportunity is now shifting to integrating it into everyday life, in increasingly seamless and ubiquitous ways. These third-wave companies will take on some of the economy’s largest [...]

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