A process for collecting the valuable qualitative data from my organization’s functional teams, enabling us to regularly synthesize and prioritize insights, folding the top opportunities into the product roadmap, and eventually the backlog.

Origen: How do you Build a Qualitative Data Lake? – Mind the Product

Data Lake Process in 3 Simple Steps:

  1. Functional teams capture data into a central repository. In this circumstance, functional teams include Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success. As we are lean, and testing out the process at the moment, we are just going to use a Typeform. They will be collecting data on:
    1. Customer feedback
    2. Feature requests
    3. Org initiatives that require development work
    4. Bugs
    5. Major initiative requests like new integrations
  2. At specific time intervals, the functional teams will synthesize the data that they have collected. The product team is going to ask them to boil up the top 3-5 most important data bundles.
  3. We will then move into a cross-functional collaborative prioritization that will include reps from each functional team.