vía @trustedinsight @Forbes – How To Build A Startup Ecosystem

Startup ecosystems are popping up all across the country and the world, with varying levels of success.  I wanted to talk about the mix of ingredients that are needed to make a startup ecosystem thrive over time.  So, leaders in your local communities can have a blueprint with which to follow to propel your startup ecosystem, and hopefully, your own success in the process.

The Most Important Ingredients

Access to Great Ideas.

Access to Talent.

Access to Capital.

Access to Customers.

The Key Players









Service Providers.

Optimal Ownership & Economics

Spread Equity Deep.

Serial Exits.

Reinvest Returns.

Shoot for the Moon.

In General

It Takes Leadership.

Leverage Local Strengths.

It Requires Startup Density.

Collaborate Across Regions.

Publicity Helps.

Progress Must Be Measured.

It Can’t Be Forced.

It Takes Time.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of what it takes to build a robust startup ecosystem.  You can’t do it by yourself; you must collaborate as a symbiotic community with a shared set of common goals between people that are equally happy helping others, as they are at helping themselves.  Layout the blue print for your city, let it percolate for a couple decades and hopefully good things will come.