Seguridad Apple: El espíritu de Apple o el fin de una era

La industria de los ordenadores personales ha continuado creciendo y cambiando desde la introducción del Macintosh original. Apple se ha convertido [en 1988] en una empresa de cuatro mil millones de dólares, y a menudo me temo que han perdido el contacto con sus valores originales. Sin embargo, recuerdo haber tenido preocupaciones similares justo antes [...]

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Six Reasons Why iOS 13 and Catalina Are So Buggy ( @TidBITS )

Vía uno de los muy sabios integrantes (nro tech) de la lista de correo Lista de Soluciones Planeta Mac, una interesante entrada, en inglés, sobre cómo gestiona Apple sus bugs. Es tan interesante, que me parece que merece más estar en este blog que mantengo sobre cuestiones más profesionales, que en el que mantengo sobre [...]

Casi 40 años después nos seguimos preguntando si la tecnología será buena, o mala

…a 21st-century bicycle that amplifies a certain intellectual ability that man has… (Steve Jobs on Apple computers) Original: Open Culture – 26-Year-Old Steve Jobs Debates the Utopian & Dystopian Promise of the Computer (1981) As ususal, education comes to humankind rescue: "The government has the capacity, by using computers, to get all kinds of information on [...]

Why I love Apple Inc. – Porqué adoro Apple Inc.

…it comes from a corporate culture that attracts and retains workers and executives that have principled values. Originals: –Why does Apple have a monopoly on responsive corporate values? by @danieler via @macdailynews – Apple will donate to ‘preserve and restore’ the Amazon rain forest via @9to5mac – Apple publishes FAQ page addressing Siri privacy and common [...]

Sign in with Apple (@trendwatching’s take)

The must read trend watchers have considered Apple's Sign in with Apple as their June, 6th (2019) "innovation of the day" 😊 Origen: Sign in with Apple: our take This is a monumental update, here’s what it means for you: Convenience without sacrifice. … Apple’s move proves that a seamless UX needn’t force users to choose between [...]

Every company is bound by its capabilities…

…but the best companies re-shape these bounds because they are defined by priorities. Origen: The iPhone is the most successful product of all time (by @asymco) | appletalk:entremaqueros Excerpts on "innovation drivers", taken from Horace Dediu's blog post (about Apple) "The pivot". …no business is good if it is static. What makes a business great [...]

Cuando el diseño sale por la puerta, el desastre de producto entra por la ventana

When design goes through the door, product failure comes in through the window. Product innovation is one way that large corporations stay competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace, but it doesn’t always work out when big brands attempt innovation. Below are what we consider to be 132 of the biggest product flops of all time. [...]

13 European startups acquired by U.S. tech giants in 2017

It’s evident that computer vision is a massive trend, as it will have many applications in the future — from photo-categorization to self-driving cars. This obviously fits into the over-arching category that is artificial intelligence, which has been an emerging trend for a few years now.15 European startups acquired by U.S. tech giants in 2017 [...]

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More than 40 Lessons from 40 Years of Apple Ads

 via @ianfiason from @TheMissionHQ 40 Lessons from 40 Years of Apple Ads – The Mission – MediumWhen you’re introducing something new, keep it simple.Provide social proof from buyers.Ask for feedback and don’t be afraid to launch weird contests.If there is a reputable national or historical figure from history you can tie your product to, do it.Don’t [...]

One of eight working Apple 1 computers goes up for auction

vía @MacDailyNews price estimated between $190,000 and $320,000The Apple I was the company’s very first product, originally manufactured by Steve Wozniak in Steve Jobs’ garage — Wozniak has said that about 200 of the computers were built in total,” Cunningham reports. “Apple offered aggressive discounts on the Apple II for people who traded in their old [...]

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