Chief of staff (role) by @siftedeu

…or chief of stuff. someone to come in and fix things Creating new names is something startups and innovators do often. Chief of staff is: the only role other than the COO that’s really cross-functional an enabler for the CEO “helicoptering” into whatever needs to be done and helping to solve problems  —that don’t necessarily [...]

Again with the ‘new’ capitalism

To the last year articles on capitalism "reviewed"… La refundación del capitalismo Crisis mundial, coronavirus y capitalismo moribundo: un cóctel mortal El Futuro del Capitalismo   …I'm adding some, in a similar subject: The Clash of Capitalisms The advantage of liberal capitalism resides in its political system of democracy. Democracy is desirable in itself, of [...]

Cómo la tecnología se convirtió en aliada y enemiga del trabajo by @techreview_es

esta transformación no va a afectar a todos por igual. Origen: Cómo la tecnología se convirtió en aliada y enemiga del trabajo – MIT Technology Review en español – la automatización se llevará por delante más empleo en zonas rurales – para hacer una transformación digital inclusiva se necesita aumentar la inversión en infraestructura digital [...]

Projects 5.0 – Changing project management by @McKinsey

Projects 5.0: A cleansheet approach to project delivery The time is ripe for radical change in delivering large capital projects: starting with a clean sheet and rebuilding the project-delivery model from the ground up. Over the past year, we have worked with industry leaders and experts from around the world to reimagine how such a [...]

UX Research as a Viable Career Option for Anthropologists (by Paige Nuzzolillo)

…being aware of how to ask semi-structured and open-ended questions, making as few assumptions as consciously possible, understanding my own subjectivity… Origen: UX Research as a Viable Career Option for Anthropologists: Insights from 12 UX Researchers with Anthropology Backgrounds | by Paige Nuzzolillo | Oct, 2020 | Medium Synthesis and Storytelling Skills UX Researchers are [...]

How do you Build a Qualitative Data Lake? (@rozemaryking via @MindtheProduct )

A process for collecting the valuable qualitative data from my organization’s functional teams, enabling us to regularly synthesize and prioritize insights, folding the top opportunities into the product roadmap, and eventually the backlog. Origen: How do you Build a Qualitative Data Lake? - Mind the Product Data Lake Process in 3 Simple Steps: Functional teams [...]

What have you got to give? (Caroline Piraud from @juliusbaer)

Good intentions are not enough Caroline Piraud, Philanthropy Advisor Origen: What have you got to give? Your four-T approach to philanthropy   Global trends among wealthy philanthropists include education, health, arts, culture and sport, and the environment.… “You don’t need a lot of money to be a philanthropist, because everyone has something to give. Everyone [...]

The UIs that changed the way we design (by @InVisionApp )

…we asked some of the most influential names in design about the UIs that changed the way we think about digital product design—both the big shifts that indisputably rocked the tech world at large, as well as the more subtle shifts that changed a more personal approach. Origen: InVision • The UIs that changed the [...]

Product vs. Feature Teams (by @cagan for SVPG Silicon Valley Product Group)

In the tech world, there are really three distinct types of, loosely speaking, “product teams.” Origen: Product vs. Feature Teams | Silicon Valley Product Group …while this article might be painful to read, if you’ve been frustrated with the contradictory and confusing messaging from people in the product world, if you bear with me here, [...]

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