A Taxonomy of Troublemakers (via @firstround)

 “If in workplace after workplace you are the only one who's right and everyone else is a jerk, schmuck or idiot, take note: there’s a common denominator and it’s you,” says Foster.A Taxonomy of Troublemakers for Those Navigating Difficult Colleagues | First Round Review Here’s a list of eight difficult personality types — and how [...]

7 Types of Companies You Should Never Work For

 @glassdoor "And just say no to places who define “hard work” as 15-hour days and long weekend email threads." 7 Types of Companies You Should Never Work For1. The High Turnover OutfitRed flags: Key roles pop up consistently on a company’s job site.2. The Culture Clash CorpRed flags: Negative employee reviews, lack of focus on a true employee [...]

Is Resilience the Secret to Being Happy at Work?

 No doubt. Resilience and contentedness…Is Resilience the Secret to Being Happy at Work?There are three main qualities of resilience.Challenge: Resilient individuals view adversity as a challenge and opportunity to learn, not a permanent situation or reflection of their self-worth.Commitment: Those of a resilient mindset have personal and professional goals, and stick with them. They maintain contact with people and participate in [...]

5 ways to get out of your own way and communicate clearly

by @saralindberg13I still find some trouble listening to the intent behind the words and not making assumptions.Headspace blog – 5 ways to get out of your own way and communicate clearly BBe impeccable with your word.Avoid taking things personally.Avoid making assumptions. The problem with making assumptions is that they’re really only a version of our own observations [...]

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8 Questions You Need to Ask in Your Employee Engagement Surveys

8 Questions You Need to Ask in Your Employee Engagement Surveys — Impraise Blog - Employee performance management, reviews and 360 feedback1.     On a scale of one to ten, how happy are you in your work?2.     Do you have a good work/life balance?3.     What three words would you use [...]

La empresa en la que creo

 @sintetia Cadenas de inspiración …  como dice Xavier Marcet en el artículo, rindamos homenaje a los buenos.Al menos a los que creemos que son buenos… que puede ser algo así (en sus palabras):Pero en las organizaciones hay muchas personas fantásticas, gente que nos hace sentir especiales por pertenecer a comunidades de las que vale la pena participar. [...]

Working with different personality types, “it starts with education, not assumptions”

 How to manage introverts and extroverts | Network WorldWe asked managers in the tech world to share what they've learned about working with different personality types. One fundamental lesson emerged: It starts with education, not assumptions.  As someone who self identifies as an introvert, I find that the label is not binary, but rather a [...]

There are risks and costs to a program of action…

 but they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction. ~ John F. KennedyThe Doing Mindset > The Thinking Mindset – The Mission – MediumWhen you value “the thinking mindset” more than “the doing mindset” you will eventually end up with a note app or notebook full of dozens or even hundreds of [...]

People in superstar mode want a world they can change. Those in rock star mode seek a world they can stabilize.

@FirstRound Warning: This Is Not Your Grandfather’s Talent Planning | First Round ReviewHow to Tell Your Stars ApartThere’s a lot of jargon to describe superior performers on teams: 10x engineer, sales wizard, growth ninja. “Superstar” and “rock star” are also thrown about liberally, but Scott is on a mission to reclaim them —not as labels for [...]

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