No doubt. Resilience and contentedness…

Is Resilience the Secret to Being Happy at Work?

There are three main qualities of resilience.
  1. Challenge: Resilient individuals view adversity as a challenge and opportunity to learn, not a permanent situation or reflection of their self-worth.
  2. Commitment: Those of a resilient mindset have personal and professional goals, and stick with them. They maintain contact with people and participate in events during difficult times.
  3. Personal Control: People who are resilient focus on events and situations they can control. They thus feel empowered and confident, and take action accordingly.

It is also worth considering some negative consequences of resilience. Like any strength, if resilience is overused, it can become a weakness. Overly resilient individuals are more likely to:
  • Pursue unattainable goals
  • Accept difficult situations, especially in the workplace, for too long
  • Develop aggressive coping mechanisms
  • Become socially distant in times of pressure
  • Possess less self-awareness as they tend to push through all challenges instead of recognizing their limitations.

Cultivating Resilience

1. Develop a Growth Mindset 

2. Challenge Your Self-Talk

3. Recovery

4. Positive Attitude

5. Organizational Resilience