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Origen: Very High Net Worth Handbook 2020: Exceptional Growth



Women outperform men in ‘non-profit and social organizations’ industry.


Wealth tiers


Number of VHNW by country and density by country.

The most notable country findings:

■ The top 10 countries accounted for three-quarters of the global VHNW population and their combined wealth – a rise in share of around 1% from a year earlier, on both counts.

■ The US VHNW had a highly prosperous year and the country remains by far the largest wealth market in the world.

■ In second and third positions, respectively, China and Japan also enjoyed strong performances in 2019.

■ The VHNW population in France saw stellar growth, in contrast with very modest growth in Germany, the UK and Italy.

■ Hong Kong, Luxembourg and Singapore have the highest density of VHNW individuals.