It’s Product Management; not Software Engineering (by

Not only are you now responsible for making strategic decisions about what to build and why, but you feel you are forced do so in an alien environment Origen: It’s Product Management; not Software Engineering… - How could I possibly lead product design, when the very products themselves consisted of a complex network of [...]

Empathy-Driven Development by @AndreaGoulet via @FirstRound

Following the interesting Andrea Goulet article about technical debt, First Round brings another surprising and indeed very interesting interview with Andrea Goulet. Origen: Empathy-Driven Development: How Engineers Can Tap into This Critical Skill | First Round Review FIRST, DISPEL THESE EMPATHY MYTHS Myth #1: Empathy is just a feeling. “And it definitely involves feelings. However, that conceptualization [...]

Cuando el diseño sale por la puerta, el desastre de producto entra por la ventana

When design goes through the door, product failure comes in through the window. Product innovation is one way that large corporations stay competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace, but it doesn’t always work out when big brands attempt innovation. Below are what we consider to be 132 of the biggest product flops of all time. [...]

Product Manager vs. UX (by @ProductFocus)

…what is the difference between a Customer, User and Buyer? What is the difference between Customer Experience (CX), User Experience (UX), Service Design and Experience Design (XD)? … Remember your goals Product managers and UX practitioners each have a slightly different goal; the differences are subtle but might be one of the sources of conflict. [...]

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