Parece que lo que el trabajo nos enseña nos ayuda a crecer interiormente, de manera que podemos aplicarlo en la vida “personal”.

Contrary to the Romantic view, it might be that we are quite often simply the better version of ourselves at work. We’re more dignified and more patient, more tolerant and more loveable.

Rather than leaving work in order to relax, it might be that we need to come to work in order to be a better person and lover.

Being a good employee shouldn’t be that different from being that truly important thing, a good person.

•How to Learn
Work is a place where we can learn the skills – and ultimately the maturity – that we might otherwise be very short of in the rest of our lives.
By contrast, the domestic sphere is opposed to learning. We’re meant to know it all already: how to be a good friend, lover and parent. Except we generally have no clue – and never make much progress.

•How to express truths without causing upset
Business life constantly gives us lessons in the art of how to tell someone a tricky bit of information without them panicking or being horrified. Home life finds us far less tactful.

•How to listen to strange views
Each of the six individuals around the table has a very distinct personality, and would have come at many issues from quite alternative perspectives and yet they are united by the task at hand.

•How to be patient with fiddly things
Almost all work is fiddly. It requires patience, it demands that we slow ourselves down and master hurdles.