Retail’s Adapt-Or-Die Moment: How Artificial Intelligence Is Reshaping Commerce
“Traditional and new-school retailers alike are using AI and robotics to automate various parts of the retail chain, from manufacturing to last-mile delivery.”

Despite the rise of AI-based solutions, only a handful of traditional brands have been effectively implementing AI strategies to drive business efficiency. 

But AI is reshaping the retail workforce — from manufacturing to last-mile logistics — and players across the retail ecosystem will have to adapt to stay relevant. 

Tech giants like Alibaba and Amazon continue to push the boundaries, applying AI to retail and amassing massive consumer datasets. Recently, Alibaba announced that it is spending $15B on quantum computing, AI, and other technologies. 

Smaller startups are also seeing an opportunity here and seizing it. For example, Swedish startup Soundots recently raised $4M to democratize the “cashierless store” automation solution, helping retailers achieve something similar to Amazon’s Go stores.