via @zapier Deep Work vs. Messy: How to Balance Productivity and Creativity

Do you want to be remembered for answering your text messages promptly, or would you rather achieve impactful work while still having time for hobbies and family? 

“We are always reaching for tidy answers, only to find that they’re of little use when the questions get messy” 

Three core ideas align the two books, tips that can help you do your best work more creatively when seen through both lenses:
1. Do The Most Valuable Work
“Technologies change rapidly, [and] this process of mastering hard things never ends: You must be able to do it quickly, again and again.”
2. Make Your Workspace Your Own
“Something else matters just as much as serendipity: autonomy,”
3. Set Quality Goals—Don’t Just do Busywork
Deadlines and goals you’re held accountable for can be the creative constraints that force you to do focused work—and sometimes can make you do amazing stuff. … “Clarity about what matters provides clarity about what does not.” 

Deep Work and Messy both give a call to putting our best effort behind what we do. Together, they show you how you can make this year more productive—how to make your organized and messy sides come together, yin and yang, for the greater good.