“El uso del humor en el ámbito profesional eleva la percepción de estatus y confianza” (by @sergiodlacalle9 en @sintetia )

Si te ríes de una cosa, esa cosa pierde poder…pero si te ríes de alguien, el que pierde poder eres tú. Origen: Sergio de la Calle: «El uso del humor en el ámbito profesional eleva la percepción de estatus y confianza» – Sintetia "Lamentablemente muchos han confundido la seriedad con la profesionalidad."   La risa [...]

What product managers do

Everyone has their view of what the perfect product manager should be doing –it’s helping them do their job! In truth, Product Management should be greasing the wheels of all business functions because they put the product's holistic success at the centre of what they do. Origin: Stream 121 product management – How everyone else views [...]

Robots aren’t taking our jobs –they’re becoming our bosses– by @verge via @exponentialview

This is not the future we were looking for. This why UBI will become a need, as no human would allow another human the job conditions the system seems to be bringing in. If industries are able to produce more efficiently without the costs of workers, their taxes would allow for a universal basic income. [...]

Consejos de Administración y Consejos Asesores via @SamuelGil e @igobernanzaemp

Hace algo más de un año finalizamos la 5ª promoción de la Acreditación Internacional en Consejos de Administración y Buen Gobierno, organizado por el instituto de gobernanza empresarial (iGE) vía la Universidad Europea. El postgrado se orienta principalmente a la formación de consejeros, principalmente para consejos de administración, pero se abre un campo de aplicación mucho [...]

Origins of the Apple Human Interface (via @cdespinosa )

Chris Espinosa shared this video in memory of Larry Tessler. Very interesting… I really loved from minute 12 to 17 and that sense of urgency Apple always lived under… https://twitter.com/cdespinosa/status/1229996808052469760?s=20 “Origins of the Apple Human Interface” is a lecture delivered by Larry Tesler and Chris Espinosa. Held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, [...]

How Will You Measure Your Life? ( @HarvardBiz )

Your decisions about allocating your personal time, energy, and talent ultimately shape your life’s strategy. "No me da la vida" Origen: HBR – How Will You Measure Your Life? (by Clayton M. Christensen) I have a bunch of “businesses” that compete for these resources… And I have exactly the same problem that a corporation does. [...]

Welcome to Apple, a one-party state. Part II: Apple’s constitution

Jobs had previously articulated his vision in more detail. In what is considered one of Apple’s founding documents, a memo sent out in September 1981 set out 12 values. These included: “We are all in it together, win or lose”; “We will set aggressive goals”; and “One person, one computer”. The only value that reflected [...]

The streaming business has a problem on the horizon, and so does the music business. ( @nytimes )

Have we entered into an age of music where artists are afraid to alienate people? Since the country is so polarized, am I afraid to alienate the other audience? Am I afraid to alienate a sponsor from my Instagram? Origen: Jimmy Iovine Knows Music and Tech. Here’s Why He’s Worried. - The New York Times [...]

Seguridad Apple: El espíritu de Apple o el fin de una era

La industria de los ordenadores personales ha continuado creciendo y cambiando desde la introducción del Macintosh original. Apple se ha convertido [en 1988] en una empresa de cuatro mil millones de dólares, y a menudo me temo que han perdido el contacto con sus valores originales. Sin embargo, recuerdo haber tenido preocupaciones similares justo antes [...]

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