The Startup vs Enterprise QUEST (by @saranormous via @greylockvc)

 Startups Serving The Enterprise: – Greylock PerspectivesBuilding strong partnerships and capabilities means that getting out of the marketing swamp, through the winds of cost and risk, across the enterprise feasibility gap, through the desert of procurement and over the ocean of early execution — will all be more tenable the second time around, and the [...]

The 70-20-10 Rule for Leadership Development

The 70-20-10 Rule for Leadership DevelopmentA research-based, time-tested guideline for developing managers says that you need to have 3 types of experience, using a 70-20-10 ratio: challenging assignments (70%), developmental relationships (20%), and coursework and training (10%).The 70-20-10 rule emerged from 30 years of our research, which explores how executives learn, grow, and change over [...]

Benefits of the Purpose-Driven Workplace

5 Studies on the Benefits of the Purpose-Driven Workplace - IDEO U1. Lower Risk of Death2. More Fulfilled at Work3. Higher Employee Retention4. Meaning over Recognition5. Higher Returns for Purpose-Driven CompaniesThe Invisible Hand: Companies & PurposeIn The Wealth of Nations and The Theory of Moral Sentiments, Adam Smith introduced the idea of “the invisible hand,” how markets and [...]

Si alguien trabaja más por la parte variable es que no es un buen profesional (por @RafaelOliverTDC )

Si alguien trabaja más por la parte variable es que no es un buen profesional | Dirección Comercial BlogEl argumento base es de libro, si no me pagan un variable sustancioso no trabajo más allá del mínimo legal/moral. … Los que piensan que los salarios con parte básica y variable convienen a las empresas se [...]

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A Taxonomy of Troublemakers (via @firstround)

 “If in workplace after workplace you are the only one who's right and everyone else is a jerk, schmuck or idiot, take note: there’s a common denominator and it’s you,” says Foster.A Taxonomy of Troublemakers for Those Navigating Difficult Colleagues | First Round Review Here’s a list of eight difficult personality types — and how [...]

How Likely Is Your Industry to Be Disrupted? (via @HarvardBiz)

 “Nothing in life is to be feared; it is only to be understood” ~Marie Curie, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903 and in Chemistry in 1911, had that point of view which would serve today’s business leaders well.Understanding where your industry sits in terms of its susceptibility to disruption will help [...]

9 frameworks to master Product Management (by @firstround)

 #mustread … The best companies are most often built by extraordinary product minds. Even if you’re not a PM right now, you can benefit from adopting the habits and strategies that make talented PMs successful.17 Product Managers Who Will Own the Future of NYC Tech — and the 9 Frameworks They’ll Use to Do It [...]

7 Types of Companies You Should Never Work For

 @glassdoor "And just say no to places who define “hard work” as 15-hour days and long weekend email threads." 7 Types of Companies You Should Never Work For1. The High Turnover OutfitRed flags: Key roles pop up consistently on a company’s job site.2. The Culture Clash CorpRed flags: Negative employee reviews, lack of focus on a true employee [...]

11 Corporate Habits That Kill Your Company’s Innovation Engine (Strategyzer video)

Replay: 11 Corporate Habits That Kill Your Company's Innovation Engine — StrategyzerCurrent business model dominate the agendaOne-size-fits-all decision making hurts speed & inventivenessInsisting on untested and detailed business plansOpinions and past experience matter more than evidenceOutsourcing customer discovery and testingLack of senior leadership participationObsession of competitors rather than customersPredominant focus on technology risk at the [...]

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