From Energy To Transport To Healthcare…

Origen: 8 Industries Being Disrupted By Elon Musk And His Companies | CB Insights Research

We take a look at the state of his companies and how they are — or aren’t — transforming the industries in which they operate:

  1. Automotive: Tesla has boomed in 2020. We take a look at the company’s rocky history and how Musk has propelled Tesla to become the most highly-valued carmaker in the world.
  2. Aerospace: Find out how SpaceX plans to build a “freeway” to Mars by reducing the cost of flying a spaceship to a fraction of what it is today, and to harness rocket technology for earth travel as well.
  3. Telecommunications: Musk’s work in space could revolutionize how we get online, and provide fast, affordable internet for those without access.
  4. Energy: According to a utilities lobbying group, Musk’s efforts with Tesla and SolarCity could “lay waste to US power utilities and burn the utility business model.”
  5. Transportation: We analyze the Hyperloop, Musk’s proposed “fifth mode of transportation” that’s a “cross between a Concorde and an air hockey table,” and the progress that’s been made.
  6. Infrastructure/Tunneling: We look at how Musk’s business, called The Boring Company, is trying to cut costs in the notoriously expensive tunneling industry, where a mile of tunnel can cost $1B to dig and each additional inch in diameter costs millions more.
  7. AI: We investigate why Musk, who is certain that the race for AI superiority will be the “most likely cause” of WWIII, is investing so much into building better AI.
  8. Healthcare: We dig into the high-bandwidth, minimally invasive brain machine interfaces that Neuralink is developing to create futuristic humans.