The mission of the CHIME “Digital Health Most Wired” program is to elevate the health and care of communities around the world by encouraging the optimal use of information technology. The program does this by conducting an annual survey to identify, recognize, and certify the adoption, implementation, and use of information technology by healthcare provider organizations. The results are intended to improve patient safety and outcomes by driving change in the healthcare IT industry.

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Certification Level Definitions

Levels 9–10: In addition to meeting the criteria for levels 1–8, organizations in level 9 or 10 are often leaders in healthcare technology who actively push the industry forward. …they are realizing meaningful outcomes, including improved quality of care, improved patient experience, reduced costs, and broader patient access to healthcare services. Some of the advanced technologies used to achieve these outcomes include telehealth solutions, price-transparency and cost-analysis tools, access to data at the point of care, and tools to engage patients and their families throughout the care process.

Levels 7–8: Organizations in levels 7 and 8 meet the criteria for being designated as Most Wired. These organizations have deployed technologies and strategies (e.g., population health/cost-of-care analytics, HIEs/integration engines, and patient portals) to help them analyze their data and are starting to achieve meaningful clinical and efficiency outcomes.

Levels 4–6: Organizations in levels 4–6 have made progress in expanding their core IT infrastructure to support internal strategic initiatives. Often, they have implemented basic technologies to protect patients’ health and financial information (e.g., firewalls, spam/phishing filters, endpoint encryption), but they may lack more advanced technologies that would mediate other vulnerabilities. Many are actively collecting patient data electronically; however, they may not effectively leverage the data they collect…

Levels 1–3: Organizations in levels 1–3 are in the early stages of developing their technology infrastructure …Some may have deployed technologies that capture data (e.g., EMRs, ERP solutions, revenue cycle management solutions) but may not fully leverage the functionality these technologies offer. Additionally, these organizations may still be working to help end users adopt the technologies that have been implemented.