A Guide To Corporate Innovation – CB Insights Research

Here they are, 19 strategies to make your corporation look more innovative:
1. Do the Silicon Valley petting zoo thing 
2. Launch an accelerator 
3. Have a brainstorming meeting that uses lots of Post-It Notes 
4. Take someone who has plateaued in their career and give them “innovation” 
5. Start a corporate VC 
6. Talk about bringing learnings from the outside in 
7. Don’t give metrics to innovation / growth-focused teams 
8. Have multiple groups with similar but different enough mandates 
9. Invest in VCs as an LP to “access innovation” 
10. Expect returns within 12 months
11. Invent new senior titles 
12. Move to an open floor plan 
13. Start talking like how you think startups talk 
14. Hire a huge management consulting firm 
15. Hire some Xooglers 
16. Have rooms that are painted with whiteboard paint 
17. Hire a chef and offer free meals 
18. Spend lots of time defining your stage-gate process
19. Adopt a casual dress code