…a mobile app and a mobile compatible website serves two very distinct functions. Where a mobile site is integral to your site’s overall online presence, SEO and discovery, a mobile app is essential to customer retention, driving sales and encouraging customer loyalty.
…Between push notifications and being able to target your app users based on location, you will have the ability to push out mobile coupons instantly to all your app customers or promote special offers, and more.
Many small businesses are wary of the cost of building an app for their company, but with the fantastic tools available, you can get a low cost, no code app made in less than an hour, to strengthen your brand, promote your product or service, and reach more customers.
In TUNE’s “Global Mobile 2016” report, they estimated that there were 180 billion app downloads in 2015, which would equate to 493 million downloads per day. That number has only gone up since then …


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