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Growing up isn’t ever quick, or really quite done. But to study these ten possible areas of immaturity signals a start of a journey towards solving some of the issues that bedevil office life and poison some of the most precious opportunities of our lives.

Towards Better Collaboration | The Book of Life

as with so many of our unhelpful behaviours around groups – we don’t have to stay stuck here: we can move beyond the vulnerability that first led us to adopt a particular and costly ‘defence’. We do not have to keep on always behaving as if we remained in the dangerous situation that first required a defence. We can, with effort and sympathy for ourselves, take a few modest steps towards opening our ears to the voices of others

Una muy interesante entrada, larga y en inglés, que profundiza en los rasgos de carácter que dificultan el trabajo en equipo… porque las personas somos, ante todo humanos. Veremos más a fondo qué caracteriza y cómo se pueden “mejorar” estas “Ten Anti-Collaboration Traits”

One: Defensiveness
Two: Irrational Rivalry
Three: People-Pleasing
Four: Negativity
Five: Bluster
Six: Over-Control
Seven: Secret Manoeuvring
Eight: Unfriendliness
Nine: Slyness
Ten: Non-Listening