The tech trends and the recommendations to follow on them…

Autonomous Things
Consider how AI-driven autonomous capabilities could integrate with a physical object in your organization or customer environment. Remember — these devices are best used for narrowly defined purposes.

Augmented Analytics
Make sure your digital transformation strategy takes advantage of augmented analytics to deliver insights across the organization.

AI-Driven Development
Most of these services will be delivered via the cloud. Decide what type of cloud infrastructure (i.e., standard, hybrid or multicloud) is the best fit for your organization’s goals.

Digital Twins
Consider areas of the business where creating a digital twin of a physical object might reduce spending or increase revenue potential.

Digital Empowered Edge
Consider which use cases will require high-end performance, low latency or higher densities of 5G for edge computing needs.

Immersive Technologies
Focus on targeted applications of conversational platforms and specialized interaction channels.

Begin evaluating blockchain for potential business opportunity and business impact, establish a clear understanding of capabilities and limitations, create a trust architecture and acquire the skill sets needed to implement.

Smart Spaces
Develop connected, interactive and intelligent environments to test and scale.

Digital Ethics and Privacy
Determine your organization’s position on privacy driven by the broader position on ethics and trust. Begin the shift from privacy to ethics to become digitally trustworthy.

Quantum Computing
Wait to buy quantum computing options until the technology has matured, but monitor industry progress and anticipate potential opportunities.


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