Facing enormous pressure to stay competitive, manufacturers are turning to technology to digitize and automate operations. We take a look at the evolution of manufacturing and where technology is bringing it next, from human-powered exosuits to collaborative robots and beyond.

Origen: The Future of Manufacturing Technology • CB Insights

Demand side

Global competition drives demand for new solutions

Reshoring increases among high-cost nations

Labor costs and shortages are common around the world

Sustainability initiatives are front and center


Supply side

Design software & digital twins

Software speeds up product design

Digital twins help reduce costly design iterations

Automation & robotics

Modular production enables customization

Robotics take over the factory and warehouse

Computer vision handles quality inspection

3D printing

3d printing speeds up development across verticals

Enabling mass customization and new geometries


AR and VR are digitizing the instruction manual

Exosuits are becoming standard for difficult jobs

Factory digitization

From reactive to predictive

New architecture at the edge

Cybersecurity is a priority