The last two weeks, I’ve been in different events, one organized by IBM for its Business Partners in their Innovation Center in La Gaude (close to Nice, France) and the other one(s) in Barceona, where I had the chance, and luck to do so, to assist to an Open Innovation course and This Way Up 2013 (a CEO-CF event), both in ESADE (Barcelona, Spain).

I like to grab notes during this meetings, events and the like so I’d rather write them here, for teh record and to share them, given the case somebody read my blog. At least they allow me to get back to waht I “learnt” or to the concepts worth to keep in mind. So, here we go

– Don’t talk about products; talk about capabilities (solutions for the customer’s pain, pain relief instead vitamin)

– 400 millions tweets a day

– 2’5 quadrillion bytes of data a day

– CMOs are second in IT expenditures

– Targeted content

– Automagically

– Selling point: saving pays for the investment

– 34% of IT projects “are late”

– Apple like experience (in deployments)

– Less cores = Less costs (energy, licenses, etc)

– Set:
1. Mobile is primary
2. Insight from mobile data provide new opportunities
3. Mobile is about transacting
4. Mobile must create a continuous brand experience
5. Mobile enables the internet of things

– Leverage Mobiel: Big Opportunities in GPS, NFC, Accelerometers, Microbolometers

– Why mktg investment does drive results?
1. Broader market reach
2. More leads
3. Steadier revenue flow
4. Better use of sales resources
5. More profit

– Patterns are the secret sauce for Pure

– TCO reduction = 76%

– Now querying quintillions of data can spped up from 27 hours to 12 minutes …

– Mobile-Social-Big Data (anyone, everywhere, anything).
Mobile is driving business processes

– Networking integrated into Pure means most of the traffic is node-to-node (faster)
Topology systemized
Virtual Appliances (standard TCO)
Virtual Systems Patterns (better TCO)
Virtual Application Patterns (best TCO)

– Rethink IT – Reinvent Business

– Growing IT complexity is unsustainable. With Patterns you get:
– preinstalled OS
– preinstalled integrated components
– configured and tuned
– configured and monitored
– configured for security

… to be continued