Chris Espinosa shared this video in memory of Larry Tessler. Very interesting… I really loved from minute 12 to 17 and that sense of urgency Apple always lived under…

“Origins of the Apple Human Interface” is a lecture delivered by Larry Tesler and Chris Espinosa. Held at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California, on October 28, 1997.

The sense of urgency is the reason I brought this video to this blog instead of Appletalk as “speed” is, for good or for bad, a reality in today’s life. I have remembered this Tim Cook’s anecdote about “speed” from First Round Review’s Speed as a Habit blog post.

There’s a funny story about my old pal Sabih Khan, who worked in Operations at Apple when I was a product manager there. In 2008, he was meeting with Tim Cook about a production snafu in China. Tim said, “This is bad. Someone ought to get over there.” Thirty minutes went by and the conversation moved to other topics. Suddenly Tim looked back at Sabih and asked, ‘Why are you still here?’ Sabih left the meeting immediately, drove directly to San Francisco Airport, got on the next flight to China without even a change of clothes. But you can bet that problem was resolved fast.