Good vibes, it looks like we have a new work space

Spaces seem bigger in real state pictures…

…but views look much more real

Slack as an IM app

You can now message any other slack user, even not having common spaces.

Is Github getting a messaging platform?

Microsoft may want buying Discord.

Different communications platform for LinkedIn?

Learning form substack users

It is not about overcoming, but of understanding. (Thanks Jesús Terrés)


There will be new jobs, yes, but there will be a lot of old jobs too.

Bringing AI to the often messy process of making things. …is able to automate much of the process, leading to an “autonomous factory that can change parameters and create alerts, doing things that humans just wouldn’t be able to do…”

“I don’t want the next big tech idea to be a social network. I want it to be a factory.”
~ Matthew Putman, Nanotronics

Bitcoin, threatened

Although Ray Dalio does believe that the cryptocurrency could be outlawed, he was clear on the fact that Bitcoin has proven itself as an asset class over the past ten years.

Governments must expand opportunities, instead of trimming them.

A new capitalism?

Everybody is talking about remodeling capitalism… it could be whether the changes are global, all nations at the same time harmonizing fiscal policies, eliminating tax havens, international control and possibly tax liquidation in relation to the place where it is originated.

And above all: better public management.

At the same time some large corporations claim the return to the work centres, reducing work from home. On the other hand, it seems that real estate market is rising prices getting responsible for companies’ work spaces being more expensive and blocking workers the possibility of renting/buying their residence closer to the office.

I do not know if all this “refounding capitalism” has some sense or is just good intentions.

Bitcoin and green economy

Voices are raising to defend the change to renewable energy in tech companies and its data centres.

Although this have been lead by Apple, Google, Microsoft’s Azure and Amazon, what does happen with smaller, independent data centres in less regulated countries?

Change requires a global approach and screenplay.

Further… I read in Exponential View’s newsletter

He takes this idea a step further by challenging our concepts of batteries. If you can translate electricity into something that can be used anywhere at any time, then you have a battery. Crypto mining converts electricity into value in the form of coins, which can be moved, exchanged, what have you. If we think of Bitcoin as a battery, the possible applications are varied and exciting.

The media say “dancing in silence”

But they actually show people dancing with headphones.

I’d dare to say that’s dancing with music.

2 jewels from the macro wizard’s newsletter

The mind is not a vessel that needs filling, but wood that needs igniting.

A question for you: “How do you ignite the wood?”

Reminds me of Steve Jobs’ quote:

Computers are like a bicycle for the mind.


2nd jewel, some music for work (imo) “ChillHop Essentials Spring 2021 – YouTube”

Thanks, Alberto.

Apple & Google battles

Some are won together. And I don’t feel bad about the Arizona app store antitrust bill death.
Everybody is doing its own store and having a cut from developers work. The reach developers get by means of the stores is far more than which they would get on their own. You can choose what ecosystems do you want to jump in.
The risk of someone bigger or with more resources “redoing” your offer has been always part of “the ”. It is not just because of “platform stores”.

On the other side a debate was on fire in the comments section regarding 9 to 5 Mactakes on a recently published research.

While iOS automatically collects data from Siri, Safari, and iCloud to send to Apple, Android gets data from Chrome, YouTube, Google Docs, Safetyhub, Google Messenger, Clock, and search, even when the user is not logged into a Google account.

When idle, Android sends roughly 1MB of data to Google every 12 hours, compared with iOS sending Apple about 52KB over the same period. In the US alone, Android collectively gathers about 1.3TB of data every 12 hours. During the same period, iOS collects about 5.8GB.


So you can get the research report here to dive in.

Every day is Monday for me

I loved this quote by Alberto Corbí, as I feel quite the same (not proud none of us).

But we are proud as we try to enjoy it and stop when we have the chance.

Class war is real

Someone needs to tell you all it’s in a boat. So sends a picture of a MacBook computer and the windows on the deck.

And the “I earnt it” message: finishing details before disconnecting.

That’s social media. I shouldn’t criticize.

Inside the venture climate tech boom (more on tech and climate alarm)

It’s not the first time Silicon Valley got fired up over clean tech.

What’s different?

  • the cost of renewable technology has dropped precipitously
  • demand is up, driven by growing numbers of nations and corporations
  • mega-funders entered the fray in recent years

Barcelona chosen, 1st in Spain,

…amongst the 3 European favourite cities for start-ups, along with Berlín & London.

Meanwhile it seems that cities are fighting ones against others to get the “best city” title.


It was a good idea to start something… that’s why this newsletter’s opening.