by @bfeld Do We Need A New Word For Entrepreneur? – Feld Thoughts

A raíz del “agotamiento” por exceso de uso del término emprendedor, Brad Feld plantea una serie de ideas interesante sobre la evolución del lenguaje.

In 2010, the Startup America Partnership finally got the US government to separate the notion of “small businesses” and “high growth businesses” The word “startup” was firmly introduced into our lexicon as shorthand for “high growth business” and now is a comfortable one.

Esta idea me ha recordado mucho a la entrada del cuento sobre 2 emprendedores.

For example, I think we are finally starting to differentiate between local businesses (your local restaurant, coffee shop, bookstore, gas station, movie theater, clothing store, art store, or anything else that sells to your local community) from a startup business (a company that might be small, but is selling to anyone anywhere in the world). … 

And then there are a several words trying to characterize different stages of startups. A scaleup is a startup that is scaling quickly. A gazelle, a word that has been around for a while and is becoming popular again, is a startup that has achieved critical mass and is a rapidly growing company, kind of like a scaleup, but falling comfortably into the animal taxonomy that seems to include unicorns and dragons.

Estas otras ideas me recuerdan el impresionante post de Paul Graham que habla también sobre que no es startup si no puede crecer MUCHO.